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Civil Lines,
October 11, 2018

My dear Rakesh,

I have not received any letter from you for a long time. How are you getting on at school? I have received a bad report about you from your principal. He says that you always play with bad boys at the cost of your lessons.

As an elder brother, it is my duty to warn you in time. I wish to see you as an able young man. You were sent to school to learn, not to enjoy yourself. If you waste your time now, you will repent afterward. You must work hard and always keep away from bad boys.

I hope you will act upon my advice.

Your loving brother
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O Block, Geeta Nagar,
Jun 18, 2018

My dear Sarthak,

I saw your result in 'Patrika' Today and I am really very happy that you have passed the Intermediate Examination in the first division. Really you deserve praise for this. Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success.

Your success is highly inspiring to an ordinary student like me. Please do come to Kanpur for a few days.

All your friends are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Hoping to hear soon from you.

Yours sincerely,
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Following is a sample letter from a son to father asking for money for the purchase of some books. You may edit it according to your ease.

Senior Boy's Hostel,
D.A.V. College,
Jalandhar, Punjab
October 2, 2018

Dear Father,

I am glad to receive your letter and to know that everything is going well at home.

I want to tell you that my studies are going on in full swing these days. You will be pleased to know that I have secured a very high percentage of marks in the half-yearly examination held in the month of September. I am quite certain of securing first division in the ensuing annual Examination.

I wish to say that I have to purchase a good dictionary and a few latest books on subjects like Physics and Mathematics. Therefore, I request you to kindly send me five thousand rupees by money order at your earliest.

Please convey my regards to mother and love to Neha and Tushar.

Your affectionate son,
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Please read following posts before solving exercises.
1. Rules of Article: Use of 'A', 'An', 'The'
2. The Omission of the Article
3. The Repetition of the Article

Exercise - 1
Correct the following sentences by using article 'a', 'an', 'the':
  1. Moon did not appear in the sky for several days in rainy season.
  2. Only best quality goods is sold at this store.
  3. English is not easy language.
  4. Mt. Everest is highest peak in Himalayas.
  5. Dr. Radhakrishanan was great philosopher and scholar.
  6. My father became member of parliament in 2017.
  7. Always help poor and weak.
  8. University degree is no guarantee for a job.
  9. Kalidas is Shakespeare of Sanskrit literature.
  10. A honest man values honesty above everything in life.
  11. He took to the habit of smoking at early age.
  12. Milk in jug is without sugar.

Exercise - 2
Fill in each blank with a suitable article 'a', 'an' or 'the'. Put a cross in the blank if no article is required.
  1. Don't make ................. noise, Please.
  2. ............ London stands on ............. Thames.
  3. I want ............. cup of .............. coffee.
  4. She has not given ............ answer to my question.
  5. ........... more they get, .............. more they want.
  6. She was in ........... wrong place.
  7. ............ one-eyed lion was shot by ......... hunter.
  8. Is she ............ B.Tech or ........... B.Sc.?
  9. She will never speak ........... truth.
  10. ............. Ganga is ............ holy river of India. 
  11. .............. Sri Lanka is to .......... south of ........... India.
  12. ............. bird in the hand is worth two in ............ bush.
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Please read Mixed Sentences and Dialogues - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercise.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
1. The teacher said to him, "Why are you again late today? I have taught the lesson. Sit silently."

2. "What is this strange outcry?" said Socrates, "I sent the women away mainly in order that they might not offend in this way for I have heard that a man should die in peace. Be quiet then and have patience."

3. "Curse it," exclaimed the driver, "Who could have foreseen such ill luck? But for the accident, we should have caught the train easily."

4. The traveller said, "Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?" "Yes", replied the peasant, "Do you want in which you can spend the night?" "No", replied the traveller, "I want only a meal."

5. "Mother", replied Aladin, "Keep your cotton for another time and give me the lamp I brought home with me yesterday. I will go and sell it, and will buy both breakfast and dinner, and perhaps, supper too."

6. "What are you doing here?" said the tiger to the hare. "I am looking at my grandfather's going" replied the hare. "Where is it?" asked the tiger. The hare said, "It's there in the tree. Have a good look at it but don't beat it."

7. Mr. Mehta - When did you come from Delhi, Vivek? 
Vivek - I came last night, sir.
Mr. Mehta - I am glad you did not stay there long. Has your sister come back?
Vivek - No sir, she has not. she is not well, but I think she will come in about a week.

8. Mohit - Can I go out and play, father?
Father - Have you finished your homework?
Mohit - No, father, but I can finish it afterwards.
Father - No my boy, you must do your work first and you can play afterwards.

9. Geeta - Where are you going, Laxman? It is about 10. The classes will begin soon.
Laxman - Please do not disturb me. I have an urgent piece of work at home and I must go.

10. Principal - What are you doing?
Peon - I am ringing the bell.
Principal - Have you cleaned my desk?
Peon - Yes, sir.

Direct and Indirect Narration
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Please read Exclamatory Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The madam said, "Alas! My friend is dead."
  2. The boys said, "Hurrah! We shall have a jolly holiday tomorrow."
  3. Heena said, "Alas! My house on fire."
  4. She said, "Hurrah! I have passed the examination."
  5. The mayor said to the officers, "Bravo! Well done."
  6. The old man said, "Good heavens! The hut has caught fire."
  7. The coach said to the boys, "Oh! We have won the match."
  8. The girl said, "What a fine picnic it has been !"
  9. She said, "Curse it! Who could have expected such a turn of events?"
  10. The principal said to me, "Congratulation! You have stood first in the class."

Exercise - 2
  1. The master said, "What a lazy fellow you are !"
  2. She said, "How sweetly he sings !"
  3. The girl said, "How beautiful the weather is !"
  4. Friends said, "What a fine morning it is !"
  5. "Curse it !" exclaimed the driver, "Who could have foreseen such ill luck ?"
  6. "How pretty you are !" said the fox to the crow.
  7. The teacher said to the girls, "What a shame! You have not learnt good manners."
  8. The mother said, "How cold the night is !"
  9. The players said, "Bravo! We have won the match."
  10. I said to my friend, "Alas! I am ruined."

Direct and Indirect Narration
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Please read Optative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. I said to Ravi, "May you always be happy !"
  2. The beggar sad to me, "May you prosper in life !"
  3. She said, "May God bless Neha with a child !"
  4. My brother said to me, "May you succeed in the competition !"
  5. Rama said, "May you have a happy journey !"
  6. They said, "Long live our President !"
  7. She said to me, "May God help you !"
  8. My friend said, "May your enemy go to hell !"
  9. My sister said to me, "Good morning, I am happy to see you !"
  10. Rohit said, "Good night, Sohan! we'll meet again tomorrow."

Exercise - 2
  1. Suman said to me, "May God bless you with children !"
  2. He said to her, "Goodbye, my sister !"
  3. The teacher said, "May you get the first position !"
  4. The priest said, "God pardon you !"
  5. She said to me, "Ma you die !"
  6. He said to his sister, "Congratulations on your success !"
  7. She said to me, "Happy birthday !"
  8. He said, "Goodbye, my countrymen !"
  9. The hermit said to me, "May you live long !"
  10. The daughter said, "Good morning, mother !"

Direct and Indirect Narration
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Please read Imperative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The master said to his servant, "Bring me a newspaper."
  2. "Sit down and learn your lesson, boys", said the teacher.
  3. She said to me, "Please wait here till I return."
  4. The mother said to her daughter, "Get up early and go out for a walk."
  5. The teacher said to the boys, "Do not make a noise in the class."
  6. The principal said to the boys, "Do not play at this time and go to your classes."
  7. The father said to his son, "Do not drive fast, as the road is very busy."
  8. The teacher said to the boys, "Bring your book and stand near me."
  9. The saint said, "If If you want to be happy, abstain from bad habits."
  10. The old man said, "Would you pay me in cash, please?"
  11. Socrates said, "Be quiet and have patience."
  12. The policeman said, "Stand up and follow me."

Exercise - 2
  1. Radha said to me, "Let us sing together."
  2. Ram said to me, "Let me finish my work."
  3. Sita said to me, "Let us go out for a walk."
  4. She said to me, "Let us start tomorrow."
  5. The girl said, "Let me finish my homework before I go to the market."
  6. The girl said to her mother, "Let me try once more."
  7. She said to us, "Let us have some music."
  8. "Let me pick some flowers," the child said to the gardener.
  9. The head clerk said to his companions, "Let me see the documents if they are here."
  10. The educationist said, "Let us prepare our children to face the future challenges."
  11. Rahul said, "Let us wait for our friends."
  12. I said to my friend, "Let us go to some holy place."
Direct and Indirect Narration
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Please read Interrogative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The wife said to her husband, "Why are you so downcast today?"
  2. I said to him, "Where did you find this old postage stamp?"
  3. Arun said, "Anil, why have you been away from the city so long?"
  4. Rekha said, "Ram, do you know Gaurav's address?"
  5. The nurse asked the patient, "Don't you feel better this morning?"
  6. She said to herself, "How shall I prepare for my exam if there is a power failure?"
  7. The eye surgeon said, "Can you read the last line there?"
  8. The teacher said, "Girls, have you note down the questions?"
  9. Aman asked Santosh, "Do you really want to leave your country and settle abroad?"
  10. Ram said to his friends, "Why did you not send a message?"

Exercise - 2
  1. The father said to his son, "Would you like to go on a trip to Kashmir?"
  2. The lady said to the boy, "Do you live in this house?"
  3. She said to Krishna, "Are you going to see the fair with my sister today?"
  4. The teacher said to the girl, "Have you completed your homework?"
  5. My father said to me, "Where do you like to go in winter vacation?"
  6. She said to him, "May I use your laptop?"
  7. The teacher said to Hari, "Why did you not come to school yesterday?"
  8. The father said to the servant, "Did my friend come here?"
  9. The teacher asked the boys, "When did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?"
  10. Akash said to his brother, "Will you give me some money tomorrow?"
Direct and Indirect Narration
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Please read Assertive Sentences Part 3 - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. Radha said to her sister, "Our parents will go to Switzerland."
  2. The manager said to Rahul, "You have to complete your work by tomorrow."
  3. The girl said, "I have arrived here just now."
  4. She said, "I brought this table from Hyderabad."
  5. She said, "I lived here for a week."
  6. The teacher said to students, "I could not deliver any lecture yesterday."
  7. She said to me, "It rained yesterday."
  8. Vishnu said to Lakshmi, "My mother will come here tomorrow at this time."
  9. Sushma said to me, "I cannot accompany you till next month."
  10. Suresh said, "This piano is mine."

Exercise - 2
  1. She said, "You must keep this in your pocket."
  2. He said, "I lost my wallet in the station." 
  3. The girl said, "I am doing this work honestly."
  4. The culprit said, "I feel sorry for what I have done."
  5. Priya said, "Ravi, I shall never betray you."
  6. The old man said to Raman, "Thank you for your help."
  7. "My dear sister," said he, "I shall tell you a story now."
  8. The principal said to the students, "You see, I cannot give you any other chance."
  9. She said to her mother, "You need not worry about it."
  10. Pranav said, "I hope my father will give me a prize."
Direct and Indirect Narration