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January 15, 2019 

Dear Monika,

I hope you are fine. I am also good and I wrote this letter to you to describe the annual function held in my college.

We celebrated the annual function on 1st January. The college building was whitewashed and repaired. We erected a beautiful gate at the main entrance. There were coloured buntings, hanging right from the main entrance to the auditorium. There were flower pots along the road leading to the auditorium. The college building looked like a bride.

At 1 pm our Principal entered the hall along with the chief guest, the Chief Minister of the state. The function was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and soon the cultural programme started. After it, the Principal read the Annual report and the chief guest then distributed the prizes and delivered a short speech. Our Principal thanked the guests and the function ended with the National Anthem.

Hoping for your early reply.

Yours sincerely
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Jan 27, 2019

Dear Kunal,

I am very sorry to hear that you had an accident yesterday. Your mother told me that you were going to the office. The road was crowded. A car came from behind and hit you. She told me that you are now in hospital. I thank God that you get minor injuries from the terrible accident. Take your medicines on time and follow the doctor's instructions.

I hope by the time you will receive this letter, you will well to be recovered. I pray to God for your speedy recovery. I hope you will very soon be back among us.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

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71, Science Vihar, 
Near Vivek Vihar, New Delhi
Jan. 27, 2019

Dear Ravi,

Received your letter just now and noted its contents. I am worried to know that you suffer from cold and fever quite often. It looks that the weather change does not suit you. You should be careful about your health. You must go for a short walk in the morning, do physical exercises, take proper nutrition and proper sleep. You must avoid overwork because it is harmful to health. You should consult a doctor and take medicine regularly. In short, keep yourself healthy and cheerful.

I hope you will act upon my advice and continue to inform me about your health regularly.

With love and best wishes.

Your affectionate mother
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Teacher's Colony Park,
January 17, 2019

My Dear Kamal,

I am very glad to inform you that the marriage of my sister will be held on February 14, 2019. The youth is a software engineer and belongs to a respectable family of Delhi. The marriage will be solemnized the same night at 9.30 pm. So, I request you to be with us on this festive occasion. My parents will also feel pleased to see you here. I hope you will not disappoint me.

Hoping to meet you soon.

Yours sincerely
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Gayatri Nagar, Borabanda,
November 15, 2018

My dear father,

I have just received your letter regarding my progress in the class. I could not write to you earlier as I was busy in the Half-yearly examination. Now you will be glad to know that my performance in the Half-yearly examination has been quite satisfactory. Your son has got 4th position in the class. My performance in Science is not encouraging. I assure you that I shall work hard in the subject and the next report in the subject will be note-worthy.

I take an active part in the extra-curricular activities of the school such as cultural programmes, games and sports. I always  keep in mind your inspiring words that "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy."

With best regards for dear mother and love to Reena,

Your loving son,
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16, Chander Nagar,
16th July 2018

Dear Mohit,

This morning I received your letter and I shocked to find that you have failed in the examination. It is really very painful news to me as you were sure of your success. It becomes more painful when your future career depended upon this result. My sympathies are with you in your hour of sadness.

You should keep in mind that labour never goes to waste. Failures are the pillars of success. I hope you will not lose heart. Start working hard again and you will pass next year with good grades.

With deep sympathy,

Yours sincerely,
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NAL Colony, Kodihalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka
October 31, 2018

My Dear Ravi,

I am glad to receive your letter after a long time. You wanted to know about the fair that I attended.

The previous month, I along my three friends went to see a fair which was held around three kilometers away from my home. We reached the fair in the morning. We saw a temporary market in the middle of the open space. There were all kinds of shops arranged in rows. The people from the neighboring towns and cities were pouring in there to buy their needs. The people seemed very happy. They were in their best dresses. The number of women was greater than that of men. The children were buying sweets and toys. We enjoyed the tricks of jugglers and rode on merry go round. 

In the evening we returned home. We brought many toys for our younger sisters and brothers. I request you to come next time and enjoy this fair with us.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Your affectionate friend,
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Khureji Market, 
Krishna Nagar, Delhi
October 29, 2018

Dear Puneet,

I am sorry I have not been able to write to you earlier. I met your mother yesterday. She told me that you are always busy with your books and never take part in the games.

Puneet your hard work depends upon your health. Health is wealth. Sound mind lives in a sound body. Playing games is as important as studying so don't only be a bookworm. I hope you will now be careful about your general health and take part actively in the outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton or tennis.

Games are essential. They provide us fresh air and keep us healthy. They teach something which books can never teach. I hope you will take my advice seriously and will start playing games.

Your affectionate friend,

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Block B, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi,
October 17, 2018

My dear Arun,

I was greatly shocked to hear the sad news of the untimely death of your dear father due to heart failure. Last time when I saw him, he was quite healthy. I never thought even in the dream that he would leave the world so soon.

You have really suffered an irreparable loss in his death. I feel it also as a personal loss to myself as your father had always been very kind to me. I do not know how to express myself on such an occasion. Man is helpless before God's will. My sympathies are with you in this hour of deep sorrow. 

May God grant peace to the departed soul and solace to the bereaved family.

Yours sincerely,

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Civil Lines,
October 11, 2018

My dear Rakesh,

I have not received any letter from you for a long time. How are you getting on at school? I have received a bad report about you from your principal. He says that you always play with bad boys at the cost of your lessons.

As an elder brother, it is my duty to warn you in time. I wish to see you as an able young man. You were sent to school to learn, not to enjoy yourself. If you waste your time now, you will repent afterward. You must work hard and always keep away from bad boys.

I hope you will act upon my advice.

Your loving brother