"The film industry has become a universal medium exercising a profound influence on the development of people's attitudes and choices, and possessing a remarkable ability to influence public opinion and culture across all social and political frontiers." - Pope John Paul II

In today's time, hardly anyone who does not watch cinema. So it influences today’s society massively. Most of the stories in movies are a reflection of society and the way cinema is made real on-screen, it affects people. It is the cheapest and most popular form of amusement. In big cities, there are many theaters where people are crowded to watch the first show on the first day of the cinema.

The cinema is an important means of recreation. People of every age group are equally interested in watching films. After hard work in the day, a good movie removes our dullness. There are different categories of movies that fulfill different purposes. It can be based on education, social awareness, culture, publicity, and propaganda.

The cinema is a medium of effective education. Education has gone beyond the traditional methods of teaching. Students feel boring while learning from textbooks while visual learning is attention-seeking and interesting. There are still many challenges to accept this everywhere. Many parents still take it as an inadequate form of teaching. Most teachers are even not compatible with this way of teaching or require strenuous efforts. So proper training should be provided to the teachers to make them capable enough to utilize their skills.

The cinema has a powerful impact on society. Other than being a great source of entertainment, it plays a significant role to deliver social messages and urgent issues of society. These can greatly help to uproot social problems. It also plays a dark role in society by exposing sexual violence, crime, creating a dream world rather than facing actual problems. From movies, people learn new methods of committing the crime. The criminal films make an adverse effect on the young and undeveloped minds. Children and youth try to mimic whatever they see in the cinema.

The cinema is also an important means of publicity and propaganda. We are living in the age of science. There is rapid progress in trade and industry. Much of the development work in the country is shown by the cinema. On the other side, it is also used to divert the audience for personal, political and business purposes.

The cinema has its pros and cons. So it is up to us what we learn and adapt from it. The standard of Indian film is generally low. Modern films ignore high ideals and corrupt our taste. Every effort should be made to improve the quality of films.

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