There are three degrees of Adverb and Adjective which are:
(i) Positive e.g. big.
(ii) Comparative e.g. bigger.
(iii) Superlative e.g. biggest.

Rule 1 : (a) Positive degree mostly comes between 'so-as', 'such-as' or 'as-as'. Generally use 'so + positive degree + as' for Negative Sentences and 'as + positive degree + as' for Affirmative Sentences. (See examples 1, 2)
(b) Always use 'than' after Comparative degree.
(c) 'the' comes before Superlative degree.

Rule 2: Adjective word, which contains two or more syllables for example - beautiful, intelligent etc. Add 'more' for making their Comparative degree and 'most' for Superlative degree. (see example 6)

Rule 3 : If there is a comparison between two things or persons then in that condition interchange is possible only with Positive and Comparative.

1. Positive - I am not so wise as he.
Comparative - He is wiser than I.

2. Positive - Ram walks as fast as Mohan.
Comparative - Mohan does not walk faster than Ram.

3. Positive - No other city in India is so big as Calcutta.
Comparative - Calcutta is bigger than any other city of India.
Superlative - Calcutta is the biggest city in India.

4. Positive -  No other poet of India was so great as Kalidas.
Comparative - Kalidas was greater than any other poet of India.
Superlative - Kalidas was the greatest poet of India.

5. Positive - Very few Indian leaders were as great as Mahatma Gandhi.
Comparative - Mahatma Gandhi was greater than most other Indian leaders.
Superlative - Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest Indian leaders.

6. Positive - Very few girls are as beautiful as Sonia.
Comparative - Sonia is more beautiful than most other girls.
Superlative - Sonia is one of the most beautiful girls.

7. Positive - This city is at least as calm as some other cities.
Comparative - Some cities are not calmer than this one.
This city is not less calm than some cities.

8. Positive - Some boys are at least as brave as Ram.
Comparative - Ram is not braver than some other boys.
Some boys are not less brave than Ram.
Superlative - Ram is not the bravest of all boys.

9. Positive - I have never seen so beautiful a building as the Taj.
Comparative - The Taj is more beautiful than any other building that I have ever seen.
Superlative - The Taj is the most beautiful building that I have ever seen.

10. Positive - The other boy does not behave as politely as Mohan.
Comparative - Mohan behaves more politely of the two boys.

11. Positive - I did not expect him to be so brave.
Comparative - He is braver than I expected.

12. Positive - I did not think it would be so difficult.
Comparative - It was more difficult than I thought.

13. Positive - It is not as cheap to buy a new one as to repair the old one.
Comparative - It is cheaper to repair the old one than to buy a new one.

14. Positive - Talking to him is not as convenient as writing to him.
Comparative - Writing to him is more convenient than talking to him.

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