Subtopic: Types of Adverbs

Aim: Students will be able to use and identify adverbs as modifiers to express time, place, number, frequency,  manner, reason, degree, affirmation, negation.

Tools: textbook, chalk, green board, smart class

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Explain the students about the types of adverbs

Activity 2: Provide some examples of adverbs and ask the students to identify the adverbs.

Activity 3: Provide a few sentences that include adverbs and ask them more questions to check whether they have understood or not.
Ques1: The results will announce tomorrow. (Adverb of Time)
Ques2: She will meet you there. (Adverb of place)
Ques3: She reads slowly. (Adverb of Manner)
Ques4: They are extremely angry. (Adverb of degree)
Write the answers on the board.
Ans1: tomorrow
Ans2: there
Ans3: slowly
Ans4: extremely

Ending: The class will be divided into four groups then each group will give an example in each type.

Review: Write some sentences on the board and ask students one by one to circle the adverbs.

Worksheet: Adverbs worksheet

  1. Kinds of Adverbs
  2. Rules of Adverbs
Lesson Plans:

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