"Electricity can transform people's lives, not just economically but also socially." - Piyush Goyal

Electricity is an important part of the modern age. Today most of our life is dependent on things which run by electricity. People use electricity for lighting, phones, computers, television, cinema, heating, cooling, transportation, home appliances, machinery in industries and many more places. Electricity has brought great happiness and prosperity to human beings. It is really a boon to humanity.

Electricity is used to charge smartphones, laptops. This helps us to connect through sending and receiving messages, voice and video calling all over the world in no time. Today Electricity is used to run trains, metro, buses, cars and all other kinds of vehicles.

In domestic life, electricity is a boon. It is used to light our houses, microwaves and ovens cook our food, electric Induction and kettle boil our milk and water, washing machine washes our clothes, dishwasher washes our utensils, air conditioners cool our rooms and shops, electric heaters gives us heat. This way electricity performs many endless jobs.

Electricity provides great sources of amusement. It provides us entertainment through radio, television, cinema and amusement parks. Through the radio, we can hear songs, stories, dialogues, speeches, and news. Television enables us not only to hear but also to see the face of the singer or the speaker. Cinema has become the cheapest means of recreation. We enjoy rides and games in amusement parks. Disneyland and Universal Studios are famous amusement parks, known worldwide.

In the medical field, electricity plays a revolutionary role. It is due to the electricity that new discoveries and inventions have been made in this field. It helps in curing many diseases. It is very useful in the treatment of cancer. X-ray and ECG are boons of electricity. X-ray helps in tracing out internal diseases and the fracture of bones. ECG is used to detect heart-related diseases.

Electricity has proved itself of great use in our industrial development. It runs huge and heavy machines in mills and factories. Big canals and wells can be dug with the help of electricity. We use the tube wells for irrigation of dry and barren lands. Electric tools can make bridges and change the courses of rivers.

Electric power has helped a lot in spreading knowledge. Printing machines run on electric power that helps to print newspapers, magazines, and books. With the help of computers, a person can now study and work online by staying at home.

Thus we see that we are dependent on electricity for most of our daily activities. There is no field of life which does not bear the stamp of electricity. It is, in fact, the brightest feather in the cap of science. So we should not waste electricity. It is a powerful source of energy which can harm us so we should follow safety measures to use it.

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