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Definition - The words which are similar in pronunciation but different in meaning and spelling are called Homophones.

परिभाषा - वे शब्द जिनका उच्चारण समान होता है लेकिन अर्थ और वर्तनी भिन्न होती है Homophones कहलाते है |

Example : 'New' and 'Knew' both have the same pronunciation but different in meaning and spelling.
'New' means "discovered recently".
'Knew' means "be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information".

1. Accept (स्वीकार करना) : She accepted the truth.
Except (सिवाय) : I didn't tell her anything, except that I needed the book.

2. Access (पहुँच) : The staircase gives access to the top floor
Excess (अधिक) : She is trying to eliminate excess fat and calories from her diet.

3. Effect (प्रभाव) : There was no effect on him of any advice.
Affect (प्रभावित करना) : The pollution will affect my health.

4. Accede (मान लेना) : The authorities did not accede to the strikers' demands

Exceed (अधिक होना) : Don't exceed the speed limit.

5. Adapt (अनुकूल बनाना) : She adapted herself to college life quite easily.

Adept (निपुण) : He is adept in running.

6. Allusion (संकेत) : There are many allusions in the plays of Shakespeare.

Illusion (मोह माया) : Many people think that we are living a life full of illusions.

7. Altar (वेदी) : Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life at the altar of the motherland.

Alter (बदलना) : There are plans to alter the dining hall.

8. Ascent (चढ़ाई) : The ascent to the Mount Everest is a difficult task.

Assent (अनुमति) : The Prime Minister assented to the proposal.

9. All together (एक साथ) : They enjoyed the wedding all together.

Altogether (सम्पूर्ण) : Altogether it was a great evening.

10. Berth (सोने की जगह) : I'll sleep in the upper berth.

Birth (जन्म) : Please tell me your date of birth.

11. Bale (गाँठ) : She received a bale of cotton.

Bail (जमानत) : He has been released on bail.

12. Canvas (किरमिच) : Those shoes are made of canvas.

Canvass (वोट माँगना) : In each ward, two workers canvassed some one thousand voters.

13. Complement (पूरक) : Local ales provide the perfect complement to fine food.

Compliment (प्रशंसा) : She paid me an enormous compliment.

14. Corps (सैन्य-दल) : He has joined the National Defence corps.

Corpse (मृत शरीर) : The corpse of a woman lay there.

15. Council (परिषद) : My father was a member of legislative council.

Counsel (सलाह) : She took much counsel with him.

16. Check (जाँचना) : Customs officers have the right to check all luggage.

Cheque (बैंक का चैक) : He presented her with a cheque for five thousand rupees.

17. Coarse (मोटा) : She puts on a dress made of coarse cloth.

Course (कार्यप्रणाली, मार्ग) : The University was not very far off our course.

18. Chord (तार) : Her violin has fine chords.

Cord (रस्सी) : She was toying with the telephone cord.

19. Collision (टक्कर) : She died on the spot in the collision between a bus and a truck.

Collusion (मिलीभगत) : The corrupt officials were working in collusion with drug traffickers.

20. Confidant (विश्वासपात्र) : Vice President was a confidant of President.

Confident (आत्म विश्वासी) : She is confident of her success.

21. Depreciate (मूल्य कम करना) : The cost of the properties depreciated within a year.

Deprecate (विरोध करना) : This feature is deprecated and will be removed in later versions.

22. Dairy (दुग्धशाला) : She likes milk supplied by private dairy.

Diary (डायरी) : She notes her travel experience in a diary.

23. Dear (प्रिय) : Ram is my dear friend.

Deer (हिरन) : A deer was killed by hunter.

24. Die (मरना) : He died of heart attack.

Dye (रंगना) : I dyed my hair blonde.

25. Eligible (योग्य) : She is eligible for this post.

Illegible (अस्पष्ट) : His writing is illegible.

26. Eminent (प्रख्यात) : Oscar Wilde was one of London's most eminent playwrights.

Imminent (सन्निकट) : They were in imminent danger of losing their home.

27. Expense (व्यय) : My uncle afforded the expense of my brother's marriage.

Expanse (प्रसार) : My parents were delighted to see the expanse of my school library.

28. Fare (किराया) : The fare of taxis get too high during the festivals.

Fair (Adj-सुंदर, Noun-मेला) : I saw a fair girl with long hair.

29. Feet (पैर का पंजा) : She should not walk bare feet on the road.

Feat (करतब) : Remarkable use of technology in the 21st century is the feats of engineering.

30. Flea (पिस्सू) : A flea gives diseases through its bite to the body.
Flee (भागना) : The families who live near the border will flee from their villages at the time of war.

31. Goal (लक्ष्य) : You must work hard to achieve your goal.

Gaol (जेल) : He spent ten years in gaol.

32. Hoard (ढेर) : She came back to rescue her hoard of money.

Horde (भीड़) : Hordes of intruders came to England.

33. Human (मानव) : Kindness is one of the greatest virtue of human beings.

Humane (दयालु) : She is humane towards animals.

34. Idol (प्रतिमा) : She bent before the idol of Lord Shiva.

Idle (बेकार) : The mill has been standing idle for two years.

35. Jealous (ईर्ष्या) : She was always jealous of my girlfriend.

Zealous (उत्साही) : The management is extremely zealous in the application of the policies.

36. Lose (खोना) : I should not lose this chance of an interview.

Loose (ढीला) : He slipped into a loose T-shirt.

37. Lesson (पाठ) : She has learnt her first lesson.

Lessen (कम करना) : There should not lessen love between us.

38. Later (बाद में) : She reached the school later than I.

Latter (बाद वाला) : Sita and Geeta are two friends. The latter is more beautiful than the former.

39. Miner (खान में काम करनेवाला) : The life of the miner is not easy.

Minor (नाबालिग, साधारण) : His daughter is still minor.

40. Marry (शादी करना) : I do not want to marry before I begin to earn.

Merry (आनंदित) : The restaurants were packed with merry throngs of couples.

41. Moral (नैतिक) : She bears a good moral character.

Morale (हौसला) : The morale of our sales team is high.

42. Ordinance (अध्यादेश) : The new ordinance has been issued by the Supreme court of India.

Ordnance (तोपखाना) : The cannon was a brand new piece of ordnance.

43. Persecute (सताना) : Girls were persecuted by boys in the college.

Prosecute (मुक़दमा करना) : Criminals were prosecuted by District court.

44. Principal (प्रधानाचार्य) : She had been an outstanding principal of our college.

Principle (सिद्धांत) : Lord Gautama Buddha was a man of high principles.

45. Peace (शांति) : Money cannot buy peace of money.

Piece (टुकड़ा) : She has a piece of cheese in her hand.

46. Plain (सादा, समतल) : She wears plain clothes.

Plane (विमान) : She travelled to Delhi by plane.

47. Pray (प्रार्थना) : Before eating food, we must pray to God.

Prey (शिकार) : Deer was easy prey for two lions.

48. Prescribe (निर्धारित करना) : The doctor prescribed medicine for the patients.

Proscribe (बहिष्कार करना) : Government must proscribe the corruption.

49. Quiet (शान्त) : All he wanted was a quiet wedding.

Quite (काफी) : She is quite well now.

50. Rein (लगाम) : He holds his horse by the rein.

Reign (राज्य) : Queen Elizabeth reigns over the United Kingdom.

51. Raise (उठाना) : The banks have raised interest rates.

Raze (नष्ट करना) : Many villages were razed to the ground by the earthquake.

52. Root (जड़) : The banyan trees have long roots.

Route (मार्ग) : We should choose the shortest route to the station otherwise we will be late.

53. Right (सही) : I am not sure about the right answer.

Rite (संस्कार) : The funeral rites were performed at the cremation ground.

54. Rest (आराम) : Doctor advised bed rest for the heart patients.

Wrest (हथिया लेना) : Chain-snatchers tried to wrest the neckless from the lady.

55. Siege (घेराबंदी) : There is a siege of herons at many sanctuaries in the world.

Seize (ज़ब्त करना) : The police has seized the bar by the order of the court.

56. Soar (ऊंची उड़ान भरना) : The bird soared into the air.

Sore (पीड़ादायक) : My child is suffering from a sore throat.
Sour (खट्टा) : There is a smell of sour milk in the kitchen.

57. Suit (सूट, अनुकूल) : The polluted atmosphere of Delhi does not suit me.

Suite (कमरों का सैट, नौकर-चाकर) : She has booked a suite for her husband in Taj hotel.

58. Stationary (स्थिर) : A truck collided with a stationary car.

Stationery (लेखन-सामग्री) : He buys new stationery every month.

59. Story (कहानी) : My grandmother tells me stories of angels before sleeping.

Storey (मंज़िल) : He lives in the tenth-storey building.

60. Soul (आत्मा) : Her soul has been corrupted totally.

Sole (जूते का तल्ला) : The sole of his shoe has broken.

61. Sail (जलयात्रा) : Sailing a ship without a captain is not an easy task.

Sale (बिक्री) : This painting is not for sale.

62. Tale (कहानी) : He told me the tale of his failure in love.

Tail (पूंछ) : Some animals have long tails.

63. Teem (भरा होना) : The forest has teemed with animals.

Team (टीम, टोली) : Our Cricket team will again win the championship.

64. Urban (शहरी) : Villagers are searching jobs in urban areas.

Urbane (सुसंस्कृत) : He is charming as well as urbane.

65. Umpire (निर्णायक) : The players should not argue with the judgement of the umpire.

Empire (साम्राज्य) : Aurangzeb was largely responsible for the downfall of the Mughal empire.

66. Vacation (छुट्टी) : In summer vacation she went to Switzerland.

Vocation (पेशा) : Her vocation as a writer.

67. Veil (घूंघट) : Her veil was lifted by her husband.

Wail (विलाप) : The mother wailed for her lost child.

68. Vain (व्यर्थ) : His efforts to find a new house were all in vain.

Vein (नस) :  Veins are blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart.
Wane (पतन, कम होना) : The moon is waning.

69. Wave (लहर) : The waves are rising in the sea.

Waive (छोड़ देना) : She agreed to waive all rights to the money.

70. Waste (बेकार) : We should not waste electricity.

Waist (कमर) : Her waist is very slim.

71. Week (सप्ताह) : There are seven days in a week.

Weak (कमज़ोर) : My brother is weak in Physics.


Transformation of Sentences in Hindi and English
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There are four types of gender.
1. Masculine: Words such as boy, man, father, brother, he, him and his stand for masculine nouns or males. They are called masculine Gender.

2. Feminine: Words such as girl, woman, mother, sister, she and her stand for feminine nouns or males. They are called Feminine Gender.

3. Neuter: Those words which are used neither for male nor for females means only used for non-living things. They are called Neuter Gender.
Examples: table, chair, wall, wood, bell, house, bricks etc.

4. Common: Those words which are used both for males and females. They are called Common Gender.
Examples: birds, child, baby, young ones, student, teacher, eagle, doctor, friend, orphan, stranger etc.

BenefactorBenefactressदान करनेवालादान करनेवाली
ConductorConductress कंडक्टरकंडक्टरस
CountCountess बादशाहबेगम
CzarCzarina रूस के सम्राटरूस की साम्राज्ञी
DaddyMummy पितामाता
EmperorEmpress सम्राटसम्राज्ञी / साम्राज्ञी
EnchanterEnchantress जादूगारजादूगरनी
ExecutorExecutrix निष्पादकनिष्पादिका
FatherMother बापमाँ
FianceFiancee मंगेतर लड़कामंगेतर लड़की
FounderFoundress संस्थापकसंस्थापिका
FriarNun तपस्वीतपस्विनी
GentlemanLady सज्जन पुरुषसज्जन स्त्री
GiantGiantess राक्षसराक्षसी
GodGoddess देवदेवी
GovernorGoverness राज्यपालराज्यपाल
GrandfatherGrandmother दादादादी
GrandsonGranddaughter पोतापोती
GranduncleGrandaunt बड़े चाचाबड़ी चाची
HeirHeiress उत्तराधिकारीउत्तराधिकारिणी
HeroHeroine नायकनायिका
HostHostess मेज़बानमेजबानदारनी
HunterHuntress शिकारीशिकारिका / शिकारिन
HusbandWife पतिपत्नी
InstructorInstructress प्रशिक्षकप्रशिक्षिका
JewJewess यहूदीयहूदिन
KingQueen राजारानी
LadLass लड़कालड़की
LandlordLandlady मकान मालिकमकान मालकिन
LordLady अधिपतिअधिपत्नी
MaleFemale नरमादा
ManWoman पुरुषस्त्री
ManagerManageress प्रबंधकप्रबंधिका
MarquisMarchioness मार्कीमार्की की पत्नी
MasseurMasseuse मालिश करनेवालामालिश करनेवाली
MasterMistress स्वामीस्वामिनी
MayorMayoress महापालिकाध्यक्षस्री-महापालिकाध्यक्ष
MilkmanMilkmaid दूधवालादूधवाली
MonkNun संन्यासीसंन्यासिनी
MillionaireMillionairess करोड़पतिकरोड़पत्नी
MisterMistress श्रीमानश्रीमती
MurdererMurderessहत्याराहत्यारन / हत्यारिन
NegroNegress नीग्रो पुरुषनीग्रो स्री
NephewNieceभतीजा / भान्जाभतीजी / भान्जी
PatronPatroness संरक्षकसंरक्षिका
PapaMamma पापामाता
PeerPeeress सहकर्मी पुरुषसहकर्मी स्त्री
PoetPoetess कविकवयित्री
PolicemanPolicewoman पुलिस वालापुलिस वाली
PreceptorPreceptress गुरूगुरुमाँ
PriestPriestess पुजारीपुजारिन
PrincePrincess राजकुमारराजकुमारी
ProphetProphetess पैगंबर / भविष्यवक्तास्‍त्री-पैगंबर / भविष्‍य बताने वाली
ProprietorProprietress मालिकमालकिन
SeamsterSeamstress दर्जीदरजिन
ShepherdShepherdess गड़ेरियागड़ेरिन
SignorSignora सिगनोरसिगनोरा
SirMadam महोदयमहोदया
SonDaughter बेटाबेटी
SongsterSongstress गायकगायिका
SorcererSorceress जादूगरजादूगरनी
StewardStewardess प्रबंधकप्रबंधिका
SultanSultana सुलतानसुल्ताना
TailorTailoress दर्जीदरजिन
TempterTemptress प्रलोभकप्रलोभिका
TestatorTestatrix वसीयतकर्तावसीयतकर्त्री
TraitorTraitress गद्दार पुरुषगद्दार स्त्री
UncleAunt चाचा, मौसा, 
मामा, ताऊ, 
चाची, मौसी, 
मामी, ताई, 
UsherUsherette प्रवेशकप्रवेशिका
ViscountViscountess विकांटविकांटेस
WaiterWaitress वेटरवेट्रेस
WashermanWasherwoman धोबीधोबिन
WidowerWidow विदुरविधवा
WizardWitch मायावी पुरुषमायावी स्त्री

BoarSow सूअरसुअरिया
BuckDoe हिरनहरिणी
BullCow बैलगाय
BullockHeifer बैलगाय
CockHen मुर्गामुर्गी
ColtFilly बछेड़ाबछेड़ी
DogBitch कुत्ताकुतिया
DonkeyJenny गधागधी
DrakeDuck नर बत्तकमादा बत्तख
DroneBee नर मधुमक्खीमादा मधुमक्खी
FoxVixen नर लोमड़ीमादा लोमड़ी
GanderGoose हंसहंसिनी
HartRoe हिरनहिरनी
HorseMare घोड़ाघोड़ी
LeopardLeopardess नर तेंदुआमादा तेंदुआ
LionLioness शेरशेरनी
PeacockPeahen मोरमोरनी
RamEwe मेढ़ाभेंड़ी
SheepEwe भेड़ाभेड़
StagHind मृगमृगी
StallionMare घोड़ाघोड़ी
TigerTigress बाघबाघिन