August 2020
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Almond Toe Pumpsआलमंड टो पम्पस
Ankle Bootsएंकल बूट
Ballet Shoesबैले शू
Boat Shoesबोट शू
Business Shoesबिज़नेस शू
Climbing Shoesक्लाइम्बिंग शू
Combat Bootsकॉमबैट बूट
Cone Heelsकोन हील
Court Shoesकोर्ट शू
Cowboy Bootsकाऊबॉय बूट
Desert Bootsडेज़र्ट बूट
Flip Flopsफ्लिप फ्लॉप
Football Bootsफुटबॉल बूट
High Heelsहाई हील
High Tops Shoesहाई टॉप शू
Hiking Bootsहाईकिंग बूट
Ice Skatesआइस स्केट
Insulated Bootsइन्सुलेटेड बूट
Kitten Heelsकिटन हील
Knee High Bootsनि हाई बूट
Laced Bootsलेस्ड बूट
Lace-Up Bootsलेस अप बूट
Lace-Up Shoesलेस अप शू
Lita Shoesलिता शू
Mary Jane Platformमैरी जेन प्लेटफार्म
Mary Jane Shoesमैरी जेन शू
Monk Strapsमोंक स्ट्रैप्स
Old Skoolओल्ड स्कूल
Roler Skatesरोलर स्केट
Rubber Bootsरबर बूट
Scarpin Heelsस्कार्पिन हील 
Snow Shoesस्नो शू
Timberland Bootsटिम्बरलैंड बूट
Wellington Bootsवेलिंगटन बूट
Wellington Shoesवेलिंगटन शू
Work Bootsवर्क बूट

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Topic: Antonyms (Opposite words)

Aim: Students will be able to identify antonyms.

Tools: word cards, textbook, chalk, green board, smart class, blackboard

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Warm-Up
Ask some questions to check students' previous knowledge about the topic.

Activity 2: Explain students by giving ample examples of antonyms during the lecture in the class.

Activity 3: Students will be asked to read the definition and examples of all the antonyms, later students will be asked to write a simple paragraph using unique antonyms.

  • Divide the class into two groups.
  • Write words and its antonyms in different word cards and distribute word cards in one group and its opposite words in another group.
  • Ask students to find the student who has the opposite word in another group. 

Review: The teacher will write words and their antonyms on the board and ask students to match words with their antonyms.

Worksheet: Antonyms (Opposite words) worksheet

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Lesson Plans:
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Give Antonyms of the following words:
regular, old, selfish, worthy, frown, comedy, profane, fickle,  poverty, religious, decreasing, reserved, coarse, ignoble, traitor, affluence, ripe, conceal, dynamic, blunt, virtue, deficit, merit

Write the opposites of the words in red colour in the blank spaces:
a) He is optimistic, not .....................
b) She is rich but he should not hate ............
c) Rise and ......... come by turns in life.
d) Tiger is a wild animal and cow is a .............. animal.
e) She teaches modern history while his friend teaches ................ history.

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Lesson Plans:
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Topic: Homophones

Aim: Students will be able to learn and define the term homophones and they will be able to recognize homophones in the list.

Tools: index cards, textbook, chalk, green board, smart class, blackboard

Teaching Method:
Activity1: Warm-Up
Ask some questions to check students' previous knowledge about the topic.

Activity 2: Explain students by giving ample examples of homophones during the lecture in the class.

Activity 3: Write homophones pair on index cards, cut them in half so that one word is on one card. Give each student one card. Ask them to find their homophones pair. Tell them to use a dictionary to find their meaning.

  • Divide the class into four groups. 
  • Give students multiple homophones pairs. Let them use the dictionary.
  • Ask them to discuss in their group and write one sentence for each word.
Review: Write some homophones on the board and ask students to tell multiple sentences for each word.

Worksheet: Homophones worksheet

Recommended: Homophones with examples

Lesson Plans:
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Use the following in sentences so as to bring out the difference in the meaning:
a) raise, raze
b) vain, vein
c) credible, creditable
d) wave, waive
e) storey, story
f) council, counsel
g) coarse, course
h) flee, flea
i) site, cite
j) lose, loose

Fill in the blanks with a correct word given in the brackets:
1. The servant felt that his master's behaviour was ..................... (tolerant, tolerable)
2. She is a ...................... person. (virtuous, virtual)
3. She is always ...................... to help the poor. (wilful, willing)
4. You should take ................. diet. (healthy, healthful)
5. She did not ................. the proposal for marriage. (accept, except)

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Lesson Plans:
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Topic: Punctuation Marks

Aim: Students will be able to use punctuation marks correctly. They can identify and explain punctuation usage.

Tools: textbook, chalk, green board, smart class, blackboard

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Warm-Up
Punctuation signs/marks will be displayed on the board to check students' previous knowledge.

Activity 2: Familiarise students with punctuations by prompting students to consider which punctuation they can see and where it appears in the text.

Activity 3: Display enlarged sentences with accurate simple punctuations in the class. Ample exercises will be shown to students to make the concept more clear.

  • Divide the class into four groups. Give each group a different passage without punctuation marks. 
  • The group with the maximum number of correct punctuation marks will win.
Review: Write some sentences without punctuation marks on the board and ask the students to complete those sentences with correct punctuation marks.

Worksheet: Punctuation Marks worksheet

Recommended: Types of Punctuation Marks

Lesson Plans:
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Punctuate the following sentences:
  1. What a terrible fire this is
  2. Have you completed your work
  3. He said to his disciples Watch and pray
  4. When I was a bachelor I live by myself
  5. Wealth may seek us but wisdom must be sought
  6. In fact there is nothing else to do
  7. A public speaker must be cool collected and precise
  8. As Caesar loved me I weep for him As he was fortunate I rejoice at it As he was valiant I honor him But as he was ambitious I slew him
  9. Long live the King
  10. Come sir I will lend you a hand said one of Cromwell s friends So the Speaker left the chair Then catching sight of the mace as it lay upon the table What shall we do with this bauble cried Oliver Here take it away
Rearrange the given words and punctuate them:
a) pan / take /three / of water/ in/ cups/ a
Eg. Take three cups of water in a pan.
b) till/ the water/ put/ heat/ on the/ pan / the/ boils/ stove/ and
c) and/ tea leaves/ the heat/ to /lower/ the water/ add/ tea spoons/ two /of
d) into/ sugar and milk/ now/ the tea/ three cups/ pour/ add/ and
e) is one of/ of India/ Ravindranath Tagore / the greatest /writers
f) was/ he/ interested in / since his/ and poems/ childhood / writing stories
g) is an ancient/ and entertainment/ form of theatre/ puppetry/ in rural india/ practised
h) which enchants/ it is/ children/ an art/ as well as/ adults

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Lesson Plans:
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विराम चिन्हों के हिंदी और अंग्रेजी नाम
Full Stop/Period
पूर्ण विराम
अल्प विराम
अपूर्ण विराम
अर्ध विराम
Question Mark
प्रशनवाचक चिन्ह 
Exclamation Mark
विस्मयादिबोधक चिन्ह
Double Quotation Mark
" "
दोहरे उद्धरण चिन्ह
Single Quotation Mark
' '
इकहरे उद्धरण चिन्ह
अक्षर लोप या सम्बन्ध का चिह्न
योजक चिन्ह
निर्देशक चिन्ह
Parentheses/Round Brackets
छोटा कोष्ठक
Curly Brackets
मझला कोष्ठक
Square Brackets
बड़ा कोष्ठक
दीर्घवृत्त चिह्न
स्लैश चिह्न
Following Sign
विवरण चिन्ह
Abbreviation Sign
संक्षेप सूचक चिन्ह
Flawed Sign
विस्मरण चिन्ह/त्रुटिपूरक चिन्ह
Equal Sign
तुल्यता सूचक चिन्ह

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