February 2024
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Holi is also called the festival of colours, this festival is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in India. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring season. This festival brings people together irrespective of their caste, creed or status. In this festival, people spray bright colors on each other, sing and dance on traditional music and enjoy delicious sweets.

Holi marks the end of winter as well as the beginning of a new season full of hope and happiness. The atmosphere during this time is filled with laughter and excitement as friends and family gather to celebrate. People apply colours to each other and throw water balloons at each other.

This festival also holds cultural and religious significance. It is associated with various mythological stories, including legends like Prahlad's victory over Holika and the love story of Radha-Krishna, adding to its attraction and significance.

Furthermore, Holi promotes unity and harmony among the people. This festival strengthens relationships as on this day people forget past grievances and embrace each other with warmth and affection. Holi has transcended geographical boundaries and is now celebrated with enthusiasm in many parts of the world, symbolizing the universality of joy and celebration.

In conclusion, Holi is more than just a festival of colours; It is a celebration of life, love and togetherness. It is a time when people forget their differences and come together to celebrate the bond of friendship and love.

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Continent: Africa अफ़्रीका
FlagCountryदेशCurrencyISO Code
RwandaरवांडाRwandan FrancRWF
LiberiaलाइबेरियाLiberian DollarLRD
LibyaलीबियाLibyan DinarLYD
LesothoलेसोथोLesotho LotiLSL
Sao Tome 
and Principe
साओ तोमे 
और प्रिन्सिपी
São Tomé and Príncipe dobraSTD
Sierra Leoneसियरा लोनLeoneSLL
SudanसूडानSudanese poundSDG
SenegalसेनेगलWest African CFA francXOF
Seychellesसेशाइल्सSeychellois RupeeSCR
SomaliaसोमालियाSomali ShillingSOS
Eswatiniस्वाज़ीलैण्डSwazi Lilangeni
Egyptमिस्रEgyptian PoundEGP
AngolaअंगोलाAngolan KwanzaAOA
Algeriaअल्जीरियाAlgerian DinarDZD
EthiopiaइथियोपियाEthiopian BirrETB
Eritreaइरित्रियाEritrean NakfaERN
Republic of the Congoकांगो गणराज्यCongolese FrancCDF
Democratic Republic 
of the Congo
कांगो लोकतान्त्रिक 
Congolese FrancCDF
Kenyaकेन्याKenyan ShillingKES
Cape Verdeकेप वर्देCape Verdean EscudoCVE
CameroonकैमरूनCentral African CFA francXAF
Côte d'Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
कोत दिव्वार
(गजदन्त तट)
West African CFA francXOF
ComorosकोमोरोजComorian FrancKMF
Gambiaगाम्बियाGambian DalasiGMD
GuineaगिनीGuinea francGNF
Guinea-Bissauगिनी-बिसाऊWest African CFA francXOF
GabonगबोनCentral African CFA francXAF
GhanaघानाGhanaian CediGHS
ChadचैडCentral African CFA francXAF
Zambiaजाम्बियाZambian KwachaZMW
Zimbabweज़िम्बाब्वेZimbabwe dollarZWD
DjiboutiजिबूतीDjiboutian francDJF
TogoटोगोWest African CFA FrancXOF
Tunisiaट्यूनिशियाTunisian DinarTND
TanzaniaतंजानियाTanzanian ShillingTZS
South Africaदक्षिण अफ़्रीकाSouth African RandZAR
South Sudanदक्षिण सूडानSouth Sudanese PoundSSP
NigerनाइजरWest African CFA francXOF
NigeriaनाईजीरियाNigerian NairaNGN
NamibiaनामीबियाNamibian DollarNAD
Burundiबरण्डीBurundian FrancBIF
Burkina Fasoबुर्किना फासोWest African CFA francXOF
BeninबेनिनWest African CFA francXOF
Botswanaबोत्सवानाBotswanan PulaBWP
Equatorial Guineaभूमध्यरेखीय गिनीCentral African CFA francXAF
Central African Republicमध्य अफ़्रीकी गणराज्यCentral African CFA francXAF
MalawiमलावीMalawian KwachaMWK
MaliमालीWest African CFA francXOF
Madagascarमेडागास्करMalagasy AriaryMGA
MauritaniaमॉरीतानियाMauritanian ouguiyaMRU
MauritiusमॉरीशसMauritian RupeeMUR
Mozambiqueमोजा़म्बीकMozambican meticalMZN
Moroccoमोरक्कोMoroccan dirhamMAD
UgandaयुगांडाUgandan ShillingUGX

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