Flowers namesScientific namesफूलों के नाम
Bluewater lily, blue lotusNymphaea caeruleaनीलकमल Neelkamal
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemumगुलदाउदी Guldaudi
DaffodilNarcissusपीला नर्गिस Peela Nargis
DahliaDahliaडहेलिया Dahalia
DaisyBellis perennisगुलबहार Gulbahar
Giant TaroAlocasia macrorrhizosमनकंदा Mankanda
shoeblack plant
Hibiscus rosa-sinensisगुड़हल Gudhal
JasmineJasminumचमेली Chameli
LotusNelumbo nuciferaकमल Kamal
MagnoliaMagnolia grandifloraचम्पा Champa
MarigoldTagetesगेंदा Gainda
OleanderNerium oleanderकनेर Kaner
Pride of India,
Queen Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia speciosaजरुल Jarul
RoseRosaगुलाब Gulab
SunflowerHelianthus annuusसूरजमुखी Surajmukhi
TulipTulipaनलिनी Nalini

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