Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb to complete past perfect tense sentences.

1. By the time we __________ (arrive) at the cinema, the movie had already started.
2. She __________ (finish) her homework before going to bed last night.
3. They __________ (eat) all the pizza before I arrived at the party.
4. He __________ (read) the book before he watched the movie adaptation.
5. The train __________ (leave) by the time we reached the station.
6. She __________ (not, visit) Paris until last summer.
7. By the time the firefighters arrived, the fire __________ (destroy) most of the building.
8. They __________ (already, sell) all the tickets when we got to the concert.
9. Before he moved to New York, he __________ (never, live) in a big city.
10. I __________ (never, see) such a beautiful sunset before I visited Hawaii.

  1. had arrived
  2. had finished
  3. had eaten
  4. had read
  5. had left
  6. had not visited
  7. had destroyed
  8. had already sold
  9. had never lived
  10. had never seen

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