Every year on 26th January we celebrate Republic Day as a national holiday. On this day, the constitution of India came into effect. This day we celebrate and honour/honor our nation. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was the chairman of the constitution drafting committee who drafted the first constitution of independent India. As a Republic nation, the citizens of India have the right to elect candidates by voting who work for the betterment of the country and its people.

This day has a special meaning for all the people of the country. It is a day of great joy, honour/honor, sacrifice and pride. It reminds us of the sacrifice and suffering that the freedom fighters had to undergo for winning freedom from the British regime. Many freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Mahatama Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose filled the sense of patriotism into the heart of the Indian people. The whole country was in the revolution against British rule. Finally, India got freedom on 15th August 1947.

On this day, a grand parade is held in the national capital, New Delhi, at the Rajpath before the President of India. The national flag of India unfurls by the President of India. In every state, the Governor of the state unfurls the national flag. Due respect is shown to the flag by way of military and mass salute. Schools, colleges, offices are decorated with tricolor flags, balloons and kites. The national flag is hoisted on all the government and private buildings of the country. On this day, after hoisting the national flag in schools, all teachers and students sing patriotic songs "Jan Gan Man" and "Vande Mataram". Students deliver republic day speech and perform a cultural dance. Sweets are distributed in schools after the celebration.

It is a memorable day for the Indians. It brings us the message that we should forget our internal differences and we should unite against problems like corruption, terrorism, unemployment, inequality, capitalism etc. In the words of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, "Our nation is like a tree of which the original trunk is swarajya and the branches are swadeshi and boycott. Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it."

सुजलां सुफलां मलयजशीतलाम् शस्य श्यामलां मातरं । वन्दे मातरम्
Sujalam suphalam malayaja sheetalam shasyashyaamalam maataram, vande maataram

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