XYZ public school,
April 24, 2019

ABC Sports Co.

Subject- Purchase of sports material

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your quotation letter dated February 10, 2019. We request you to supply us following items as per your mentioned rates and quality. Please see that the consignment is booked well in time to reach us latest by May 25, 2019.

Description - Quantity
Batting Pads - 20 pairs
Cricket Bats - 15 pieces
Leather Balls - 10 pieces
Batting Gloves - 15 pairs
Helmets - 20 pieces
Footballs - 20 pieces
Hockey Sticks - 30 pieces
Volleyball - 15 pieces
Hockey balls - 20 pieces
Tennis rackets - 24 pieces
Tennis balls - 15 pieces

Kindly give the discount we agreed on. The payment will be made by the online transaction.

Hoping to hear soon from you.

Yours truly,
sender's name
sender's designation

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