For a very long time, I wanted to visit Zoo. Last week on Sunday, my parents planned to go to Delhi Zoo. I was extremely happy. We reached just before the opening time of Zoo. My father bought tickets for all of us and then we entered the zoo from the main gate.

There were multiple separate sections for animals and birds. There were deer, stags, blackbuck, fox, zebra, and giraffe. Some animals came to us in the hope of getting something to eat. We saw rhinos standing in the muddy water.

We moved to the next section in Zoo. There were wild animals like lions, panthers, tigers, leopards, and bears. We also saw a white tiger in a separate cage. Their cages were big enough to give them natural space like forests.

We saw black swans in the pond. In a separate pond, crocodiles were swimming. Nearby were the enclosures for snakes and python. Then we saw blue-yellow parrots with mostly blue top parts and yellow underparts. We saw the hippopotamus in the water with a crow on its back. Peacocks and elephants attracted a large gathering.

Seeing all those animals for real was a wonderful experience for me. Next time, I would love to come here with my friends and classmates. Because the knowledge, entertainment and an unforgettable experience that I received, they can also get it.

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