Afforestation means planting trees in the wastelands to create forests. Forests are the natural wealth of a country. We have been cutting trees freely for plywood and other needs. As a result of its beautiful hill stations have been robbed of their attraction. The contractor's ax and our greed are killing our forests. The pressure of population, urbanization, agriculture land, railways and roadways have caused great deforestation.

Oxygen is the prime need of our life. We inhale oxygen when we breathe and exhale carbon-di-oxide. Trees take it and convert it into oxygen again. So the cycle continues. Trees also cause proper rain. They prevent the soil from being washed away by heavy rain. Forests help to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. We get food, fruits, timber and medicines from forests. Paper, match and rubber industries are dependent on forests. They give cool shade to rest in the hot season. They give shelter to wild animals like tigers, lions, bears and many more.

The Wildlife Protection Act passed in 1972 by the parliament of India for the protection of plants and animals. The Forest Conservation Act passed by the Parliament of India in 1980 for the conservation of forests and to prevent the deforestation of the forests. The act is about the restriction on the State Government for use of forest land for non-forest purposes.

National Wasteland Development Board was established in 1985 under the Ministry of Forests and Environment mainly to tackle the problem of degradation of lands, restoration of ecology and to meet the growing demands of fuelwood and fodder at the national level. Gas can be distributed to persons as a substitute for fuel. People must avoid the use of printing paper and recycle waste paper.

Using agroforestry, we can plant trees along with the agricultural crops. New trees can be planted in the empty space in old forests. Every person must plant a tree or adopt a tree. There are many campaigns run online by non-profit organizations which collect fund online to plant trees.

Afforestation must be one of our main aims. It is the duty of the government and the people to preserve the forest wealth. Van Mahotsav(forest festival) in India celebrated annually to encourage people for afforestation and it also raises awareness about the need for planting trees.

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