Subtopic: Types of Verbs (Transitive, Intransitive, Linking, Auxiliary)

Aim: Students will be able to use verbs correctly in any sentence.

Tools: textbook, chalk, green board, smart class

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Write a sentence on the blackboard and ask the kids to identify the verbs.
Example- He is reading a book.
If they identify both(is-Linking, reading-Transitive) praise them, if they give one verb, tell them there are two verbs, and also tell that one is Linking verb and other is the Transitive verb.

Activity 2: Ask them more questions to check whether they have understood or not.
Ques1: The boy kicks the ball.
Ques2: The girl laughs loudly.
Write the answers on the board.
Ans1: kicks (Transitive verb)
Ans2: laughs (Intransitive verb)

Ending: The class will be divided into four groups then each group will give an example in each type.

Review: Write some sentences on the board and ask students one by one to circle the verbs.

Worksheet: Verbs worksheet

  1. Kinds of Verbs
  2. Rules of Verb
  3. List of Forms of Strong Verbs - Part 1
  4. List of Forms of Strong Verbs - Part 2
  5. List of Forms of Weak Verbs - Part 1
  6. List of Forms of Weak Verbs - Part 2

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