The Prime minister is one of the highest positions in India. Being in that position is such a huge responsibility for anyone as it’s not at all easy. The journey of the Prime minister started in India after Independence since 1947, and Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime minister. Sometimes, I think about what if I were the prime minister of India, what would I do for my country.

First, I would pass a strict law for controlling Inflation at least for the essentials like milk, fruits, and vegetables so that even a poor family can afford this and protect them and their kids from malnutrition. Second, I would make a law for all the taxpaying old age or retired people to have free medication anywhere in India and they could have anything to eat from any restaurant without paying bills because a person who paid tax in his entire working life should live his/her retirement carefree even if their children are not there to help them.

Then, I will improve the female literacy rate in my country. Every poor parent who has the only girl child should have the right to educate their child free of cost in any school or college, whether it’s private or government. I would also pay attention to all private organizations that they should at least grant ten days mandatory leave to every employee to travel anywhere in India so that they can spend some quality time with their family too. It will help them to reduce stress and increase productivity.

I will pass a strict law on population control. And every young person has to spend at least one year in military forces to serve the nation. This will make my country strong and powerful. I will also work on creating more job options, best medical facilities, best education system, reservation only for the poor and needy, increasing export of commodities, making India self-dependent on technologies and agriculture. I will eliminate the roots of the dowry system, black marketing, black money, corruption, terrorism, drug cartels, and female infanticide.

The list is so huge that I cannot mention everything in one go. Lots of improvement is still needed in our constitution. Someday, we will be able to eliminate the huge gap between the rich and the poor in my country. I know very well that being a prime minister is not always a bed made of roses; it's a huge responsibility to manage such a huge population.

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हिंदी निबंध:
  1. भारत का एक राष्ट्रीय महोत्सव - 15 अगस्त
  2. अच्छे नेता की योग्यताएँ और उसके गुण
  3. भारत में बेरोजगारी
  4. प्रदूषण की समस्या
  5. भारत में वन्यजीवों का संरक्षण
  6. वनीकरण, वनरोपण, वृक्षारोपण और उसका महत्व
  7. मूल्य वृद्धि या महँगाई की समस्या और समाधान
  8. जनसंख्या विस्फोट: कारण और समाधान
  9. राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गाँधी
  10. विज्ञान के उपयोग और दुरुपयोग
  11. गणतंत्र दिवस 26 जनवरी
  12. क्रीड़ाओं और खेलने-कूदने का महत्व
  13. हमारे जीवन पर सिनेमा का प्रभाव
  14. मेरे जीवन का लक्ष्य
  15. बिजली का उपयोग
  16. युद्ध की भयावहता और वीभत्सता
  17. परमाणु ऊर्जा का शांतिपूर्ण उपयोग
  18. ताजमहल: एक ऐतिहासिक इमारत की यात्रा
  19. चिड़ियाघर की सैर
  20. एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय व्यापार मेले का दौरा
  21. स्वर्ण मंदिर (श्री हरमंदिर साहिब) की यात्रा

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