March 9, 2019
Dear Sarthak,

Your examination will be over by the time this letter reaches you. You will have summer vacations after examination. I would request you to come and spend your vacations with us in Nainital.

It is quite cool here. I am sure you will enjoy the natural beauty of this place. We'll take a ride on the trolley to reach the peak of the mountain where we'll use binoculars to see peaks of The Himalaya. We'll enjoy boating in the Naini lake. I'll also show you the candle market and Tiffin top, both the places are so beautiful and attractive.

I am sure you will love this place. My parents will be very glad to have you among us. Please let me know when you are coming here.

Kindly convey my respectful compliments to your parents.

Yours sincerely,

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