Nuclear plants produce energy in the form of heat by splitting uranium atoms. Which is further used to generate electricity with the help of a turbine generator. The energy produced by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion is clean energy because it does not emits pollutant gases like carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

There are different purposes fulfill by nuclear energy. From agriculture production to generating electricity, from curing cancer to controlling pollution, nuclear energy is utilized.

Nuclear energy is very useful for increasing agricultural production. Sterile insect technique (SIT) is an environment-friendly pest control method to sterile insects to suppress their population using radiation. It controls fruit flies and caterpillars. Fruit flies majorly harm fruits and vegetables and caterpillars moth damage food crops, forests, plants, fruits, and vegetables. This technique shows promising results with an increase in agricultural food. Food irradiation technology is used for preserving food.

Nuclear power plants produce electricity that gives electric power to lighten our homes, schools, hospitals, museums, buildings. Electricity does wonders for us in many ways because most of our daily activities like cooking food to working at the office depend on electricity.

Nuclear medicine uses radiation to identify the functioning of human organs like thyroid, bones, heart, liver and helps to treat them. The use of radiotherapy is helpful in the treatment of cancer, in which radiation is used to destroy or weaken particular targeted cells. Radioisotopes are used to sterilize and disinfect medical equipment.

Isotope hydrology techniques use the radioactive isotopic technique to solve water problems by tracing surface and underground water resources. Nuclear techniques also play an important role in detecting and analyzing the pollutants from the atmosphere. Nuclear power is an important source of energy in outer space missions.

In my opinion, nuclear energy is a great source of clean energy which is helpful in mitigating global warming. But it can be hazardous if used for weapons and military purposes. In the future, it can replace the current energy-producing resources like coal and oil. But we also cannot ignore the deadly radioactive emission by nuclear power plants which require the strongest infrastructure and careful supervision to hold this power.

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