Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb to complete past perfect continuous tense sentences.

1. By the time we arrived at the party, Sarah __________ (wait) for us for over an hour.
2. They were exhausted because they __________ (run) for two hours before they finally stopped.
3. I was wondering why the garden was so neat. It looked like someone __________ (work) hard in it.
4. By the time we got home, the kids __________ (play) in the garden for hours.
5. When I called her, she sounded tired because she __________ (study) all night.
6. By the time the firefighters arrived, the fire __________ (burn) for nearly an hour.
7. When we reached the beach, the sun __________ (shine) brightly for hours.
8. The car was dirty because it __________ (sit) in the garage for months.
9. By the time they reached the top of the mountain, they __________ (hike) for hours.
10. They were muddy because they __________ (play) football in the rain.

1. had been waiting
2. had been running
3. had been working
4. had been playing
5. had been studying
6. had been burning
7. had been shining
8. had been sitting
9. had been hiking

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