Find the verbs and circle them:
a) The sun shines brightly.
b) She likes oranges.
c) His sisters have gone to school.
d) Rice and dal is my favorite food.
e) Physics is a difficult subject.
f) This news is not true.
g) I shall go there tomorrow.
h) We shall have to take this medicine.
i) Dogs bark at strangers.
j) His brother is a doctor.
k) She was writing a letter.

Correct the following sentences:
1. Who did go with her to the school?
2. I want to learn how is Hindi spoken.
3. Why Mohan fail in English?
4. When was submitted your task?
5. How much this sofa costs in an online store?

Fill in the blanks the right tense forms of the verbs given in brackets.
A) Whenever I ....... to see her, she was out. (go)
B) She reached the airport after the flight ........ (land)
C) We had reached home before it ....... (rain)
D) A few months ago they ............... all illegal buildings. (pull down)
E) I .............. this news yesterday night. (hear)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the bracket.
Walking up one morning, Sindbad saw the sails of a ship at a distance. Greatly excited, he (a)______(take) a piece of white cloth, tied it to a long stick and (b)_______ (wave) it. As the ship (c) ________(come) nearer, the sailor noticed him. The captain (d) ______ (send) his men in a boat to take me to the ship. Thus he was able to escape from that terrible island. Within a month he (e) ______ (return) to Baghdad which he (f) ________ ( leave) three years before.

Select the correct verbs from the brackets and complete the passage.
His soldiers set up roads blocks which (a)____ (keep/ kept) people away from the damaged buildings and from the fires which had (b)______(broken/ broke) out. The local radio station has (c) _____ (broadcast/broadcasted) an appeal for anyone who has medical training to (d)_______ (report / reported) to the central hospital that is where the casualties (e)___ (are/were) taken. One newspaper reporter who (f) ________(saw/ had seen) this as a chance to (g)____ (get/got) the full story also reached there.

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