Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in the Future Continuous tense.
  1. By this time tomorrow, I ________________ (study) for my exam.
  2. At 8 PM tonight, she __________________ (cook) dinner for her family.
  3. By the end of next month, they __________________ (travel) across Europe.
  4. This time next week, we __________________ (attend) a conference in New York.
  5. By the time you arrive, we __________________ (wait) for one of our other friend.
  6. At midnight tomorrow, he __________________ (work) on his project.
  7. By this time next year, they __________________ (live) in a different country.
  8. At 10 AM next Monday, I __________________ (give) a presentation to the board.
  1. shall be studying
  2. will be cooking
  3. will be traveling
  4. shall be attending
  5. shall be waiting
  6. will be working
  7. will be living
  8. shall be giving

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