NAL Colony, Kodihalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka
October 31, 2018

My Dear Ravi,

I am glad to receive your letter after a long time. You wanted to know about the fair that I attended.

The previous month, I along my three friends went to see a fair which was held around three kilometers away from my home. We reached the fair in the morning. We saw a temporary market in the middle of the open space. There were all kinds of shops arranged in rows. The people from the neighboring towns and cities were pouring in there to buy their needs. The people seemed very happy. They were in their best dresses. The number of women was greater than that of men. The children were buying sweets and toys. We enjoyed the tricks of jugglers and rode on merry go round. 

In the evening we returned home. We brought many toys for our younger sisters and brothers. I request you to come next time and enjoy this fair with us.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Your affectionate friend,

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