Write the words in the correct order to make the sentences:
a) summer/go/holiday/we/on
b) pictures/draw/like/I/to
c) We drink milk every morning
d) eat/ice cream?/do/you
e) my/parents/love/I
f) loves/to//basketball/She/play
g) happy/feeling/am/I/today
h) I/Can/something?/you/ask
i) nice/hotel/very/a/looking/for/am/I
j) the/bus/waiting/I/for/am/school

a) We go on holiday every summer.
b) I like to draw pictures.
c) We drink milk every morning.
d) Do you eat ice cream?
e) I love my parents.
f) She loves to play basketball.
g) I am feeling happy today.
h) Can I ask you something?
i) I am looking for a very nice hotel.
j) I am waiting for the school bus.

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