Punctuate the following sentences:
  1. What a terrible fire this is
  2. Have you completed your work
  3. He said to his disciples Watch and pray
  4. When I was a bachelor I live by myself
  5. Wealth may seek us but wisdom must be sought
  6. In fact there is nothing else to do
  7. A public speaker must be cool collected and precise
  8. As Caesar loved me I weep for him As he was fortunate I rejoice at it As he was valiant I honor him But as he was ambitious I slew him
  9. Long live the King
  10. Come sir I will lend you a hand said one of Cromwell s friends So the Speaker left the chair Then catching sight of the mace as it lay upon the table What shall we do with this bauble cried Oliver Here take it away
Rearrange the given words and punctuate them:
a) pan / take /three / of water/ in/ cups/ a
Eg. Take three cups of water in a pan.
b) till/ the water/ put/ heat/ on the/ pan / the/ boils/ stove/ and
c) and/ tea leaves/ the heat/ to /lower/ the water/ add/ tea spoons/ two /of
d) into/ sugar and milk/ now/ the tea/ three cups/ pour/ add/ and
e) is one of/ of India/ Ravindranath Tagore / the greatest /writers
f) was/ he/ interested in / since his/ and poems/ childhood / writing stories
g) is an ancient/ and entertainment/ form of theatre/ puppetry/ in rural india/ practised
h) which enchants/ it is/ children/ an art/ as well as/ adults

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