1. Kitchen Items Utensils Tools
  2. Names of Cereals and Grains
  3. Names of Indian Spices
  4. Names of Fruits and Dried-Fruits
  5. Names of Vegetables
  6. Names of Flowers
  7. Names of Trees
  8. Names of Pulses
  9. Cries of Animals and Birds
  10. Name of young ones of some animals
  11. Family Relations
  12. Names of Ornaments
  13. Names of Precious Metals and Gemstones
  14. Astrological or Zodiac Signs & Birth Dates
  15. Parts of the Body
  16. Names of Colours
  17. Meals of the Day and Meal Timing
  18. Six Seasons and Hindu Months
  19. Names of Directions
  20. Insects and their Scientific Names
  21. Days of Week
  22. Months of the Year
  23. Units of Time and Duration
  24. Week and Day related words
  25. Types of Transport or Modes of Transport
  26. Names of Festivals
  27. Indoor Outdoor Games and Sports
  28. Names of Furniture
  29. Yogasan Types Postures Positions
  30. Names of Professions
  31. Names of Tools
  32. Names of Household Items
  33. Silent Letters A and B words
  34. NATO / ICAO phonetic alphabet
  35. Khalsa salutation, slogan, Sikh prayer terms, Shabad
  36. Silent Letters C and D words
  37. Numbers Counting 1 to 20
  38. Silent Letters E, G, H and GH words
  39. Silent Letters K, L, M and N words
  40. Silent Letters P, S and T words
  41. Silent Letters U and W words
  42. Types of Buildings
  43. Building Materials, Components and Parts
  44. Food Names
  45. Sweets and Desserts Names
  46. Footwear, Shoes and Boots Names
  47. Stationery Items
  48. Musical Instruments Names
  49. Computer and Its Parts
  50. Greetings in Hindi and English
  51. Salutation in Hindi and English
  52. Polite words to thank and apologize
  53. Sad feelings and emotional words
  54. Happy feelings and emotional words
  55. Hurt feelings and emotional words
  56. Confident feelings and emotional words
  57. Enjoyment feelings and emotional words
  58. Fear feelings and emotional words
  59. Disgust feelings and emotional words
  60. Energized feelings and emotional words
  61. List of Indian pickles
  62. List of Sauces or Chatni or Chutney
  63. List of Herbs
  64. List of Seven Oceans
  65. 90s Indian hit shows
  66. School Classroom Objects Vocabulary
  67. List of Rooms and Places in School
  68. List of Cooking Oils and Vegetable Oils
  69. List of Crude Oil products
  70. List of Fruit Berries in English and Hindi