26. Incorrect : Poors are always honest.
Correct : Poor are always honest.

27. Incorrect : She prefers milk than tea.
Correct : She prefers milk to tea.

28. Incorrect : The all members of the club were present.
Correct : All the members of the club were present.

29. Incorrect : My brother was married with Sonia.
Correct : My brother was married to Sonia.

30. Incorrect : No sooner the Principal entered the class boys stood up.
Correct : No sooner did the Principal enter the class than the boys stood up.

31. Incorrect : Grapes of this kind is very sweet.
Correct : Grapes of this kind are very sweet.

32. Incorrect : She prevented me to go.
Correct : She prevented me from going.

33. Incorrect : She asked me that what are you doing.
Correct : She asked me what I was doing.

34. Incorrect : Who are you expecting now ?
Correct : Whom are you expecting now ?

35. Incorrect : Ali plays better than me.
Correct : Ali plays better than I.

36. Incorrect : I, you and he went to Agra.
Correct : You, he and I went to Agra.

37. Incorrect : The climate of Uttarakhand is healthier than Delhi.
Correct : The climate of Uttarakhand is healthier than that of Delhi.

38. Incorrect : Sachin is such a boy who can help you.
Correct : Sachin is such a boy as can help you.

39. Incorrect : The sceneries of Nainital are very beautiful. 
Correct : The scenery of Nainital is very beautiful.

40. Incorrect : Seema boasted on her beauty.
Correct : Seema boasted of her beauty.

41. Incorrect : I will not go unless he does not come.
Correct : I will not go unless he comes.

42. Incorrect : This pencil is more cheaper than that.
Correct : This pencil is cheaper than that.

43. Incorrect : These four girls help each other.
Correct : These four girls help one another.

44. Incorrect : We returned back from Agra yesterday.
Correct : We returned from Agra yesterday.

45. Incorrect : Walk carefully lest you may fall.
Correct : Walk carefully lest you should fall.

46. Incorrect : She is enough strong to do this work.
Correct : She is strong enough to do this work.

47. Incorrect : Why are you afraid from me ?
Correct : Why are you afraid of me ?

48. Incorrect : Suman and Mohan love one another.
Correct : Suman and Mohan love each other.

49. Incorrect : Distribute these oranges among Ravi and Gaurav.
Correct : Distribute these oranges between Ravi and Gaurav.

50. Incorrect : Suresh can not get through in the examination.
Correct : Suresh can not get through the examination.

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