दिन के भोजनों के नाम और खाने का समय
A meal is eaten before 10 am.
Elevensesसुबह की चाय 
After breakfast and before lunch.
Lunchदोपहर का खाना 
Midday meal after breakfast.
Brunchनाश्ता और दोपहर के खाने के बजाय खाना 
It is eaten usually during the late morning but it can extend to as late as 3 pm.
Afternoon Teaदोपहर के बाद की चाय 
Mid-afternoon meal, typically taken at 4 pm.
Supperशाम का खाना 
A light meal is eaten in the late evening, as early as 7 pm or as late as midnight.
Dinnerरात का खाना 
Its eating time depends on the food taken before it.
Dessertभोजन के बाद परोसे गए फल या मिठाई

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