The Vowels in the nouns given below are missing. Complete the nouns using the clues given in brackets.

a) l... ....f (part of a plant)
b) s t... ...r c... s... (used for climbing up or down to the next floor)
c) c...r r...t (a vegetable that is orange in colour and grows underground)
d) ...n k l... (a part of your foot)
e) w... t... r m...l...n (a large fruit that has a lot of seeds and is red inside)
f) f... ...l d (where farmers work)
g) ... s t r... n... ...t (a person who goes up into space)
h) m... ...n t... ...n (a large hill)

Underline the nouns & answer the questions.

Today is Renu's birthday. She is getting ready for school. Her mother gives her a mango plant in a pot. All her friends wish Renu in school. With the teacher, they sing 'Happy Birthday'. Then the teacher takes them to the lawn and plants the mango plant in the pot. Everyone claps for her.

Ques1- What is Renu doing?
Ques2- What does the mother give her?
Ques3- What does the teacher do?
Ques4- What does everybody do for Renu?


  1. Kinds of Nouns
  2. Regular and Irregular Plurals of Nouns
  3. Rules of Singular and Plural Noun
  4. Rules of Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns
  5. Gender of Nouns
Lesson Plans:

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