Topic : Naming words/ Nouns

Subtopic : Names of people, places, animals or things

Aim : Identify the naming words in a sentence.
Categorize the types of nouns (person, place, thing or animal)

Grade : 1-3

Beginning : Start the class with a general discussion.
Ask few general questions from the students. examples:
- What is your name?
- Are you a boy or girl?
- Who all are there in your family?
- What do you want to become when you grow up?
- Where do you go to study?
- Where do you live?
- Which places do you like to visit?
- Where do we go to see the animals?
- Which is your favorite animal?
- Which animal would you like to keep as a pet?
- What do you like to eat?
- What is your favorite toy?
- Do you write with a pen or pencil?
Write their answers on the board in the form of a table.

Method : Explain each category of noun(one by one). Ask the children to add more examples.

Ending : 
  • Divide the class into four groups.
  • Give each group a category of noun.
  • Ask them to discuss with in the group and write as many example as they can.
  • The group with the maximum number of example will win.

Review :  
Write few sentences on the board and ask the students to identify the nouns in them.

Worksheet : Naming words/ Nouns Worksheets

Lesson Plans :
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Lesson Plan of Pronouns/ replacing the Noun
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Lesson Plan of Adjectives
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