A participle is formed from a verb and besides verb, it also works of an adjective. Like Adjective, it qualifies Noun or Pronoun.
Participle, verb से बनता है तथा verb के अलावा adjective का भी काम करता है । Adjective की तरह यह Noun या Pronoun को qualify करता है । 

There are three types of Participle.
Participle तीन प्रकार के होते है :
(A) Present Participle, (B) Past Participle, (C) Perfect Participle

(A) Present Participle :
It uses ing in the first form of the verb.
इसमें verb की first form में ing का प्रयोग करते है ।

Examples :
(a) पुस्तक पढ़कर मैं सोने गया । 
Reading the book, I went to sleep.
(b) कमरे में घुसते ही मैंने एक साँप देखा । 
Entering the room, I saw a snake.

(B) Past Participle :
It uses the third form of the verb.
इसमें verb की third form का प्रयोग करते है ।

Examples :
(a) घायल युवक को अस्पताल भेज दिया गया । 
The wounded soldier was sent to the hospital.
(b) वह एक सेवामुक्त अध्यापिका है । 
She is a retired teacher.

(C) Perfect Participle :
It uses the third form of the verb after having.
इसमें having के बाद verb की third formका प्रयोग करते है ।

Examples :
(a) घर पहुँचकर वह सोने चली गई । 
Having reached home, she went to sleep.
(b) कार्यालय पहुँचकर वह प्रबंधक से मिली । 
Having reached the office, she met the Manager.

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