It is tough to remember all the grammar rules but with practice, we can make more improvement while speaking or writing. Below I have mentioned some sentences with common errors which we normally do while using these kinds of sentences.
Grammar Sentences with Common Errors Mistakes
1. Incorrect : Cattles were grazing in the field.
Correct : Cattle were grazing in the field.

2. Incorrect : She has composed many poetries.
Correct : She has composed many poems.

3. Incorrect : Each boy and each girl are going there.
Correct : Each boy and each girl is going there.

4. Incorrect : She is senior than me.
Correct : She is senior to me.

5. Incorrect : I have brought all my furnitures.
Correct : I have brought all the articles of my furniture.

6. Incorrect : Neither of the students were absent.
Correct : Neither of the students was absent.

7. Incorrect : Each of the books were costly.
Correct : Each of the books was costly.

8. Incorrect : Always tell the truth.
Correct : Always speak the truth.

9. Incorrect : He gave me a five rupees note.
Correct : He gave me a five-rupee note.

10. Incorrect : We enjoyed at the party.
Correct : We enjoyed ourselves at the party.

11. Incorrect : When she went to Mumbai ?
Correct : When did she go to Mumbai ?

12. Incorrect : The lawyer gave me many advices.
Correct : The lawyer gave me many pieces of advice.

13. Incorrect : It is I who is your best friend.
Correct : It is I who am your best friend.

14. Incorrect : She lives in boarding.
Correct : She lives in boarding school.

15. Incorrect : My brother secured good numbers in History.
Correct : My brother secured good marks in History.

16. Incorrect : She could not get even passing marks.
Correct : She could not get even pass marks.

17. Incorrect : Bhagavad Gita is a holy book of Hindus.
Correct : The Bhagavad Gita is a holy book of Hindus.

18. Incorrect : There is no place in this carriage for so many men.
Correct : There is no room in this carriage for so many men.

19. Incorrect : All her family members are educated.
Correct : All the members of her family are educated.

20. Incorrect : No news are good news.
Correct : No news is good news.

21. Incorrect : She was in hurry.
Correct : She was in a hurry.

22. Incorrect : Your daughter did many mischiefs.
Correct : Your daughter did many acts of mischief.

23. Incorrect : She is suffering from fever for last Monday.
Correct : She has been suffering from fever since last Monday.

24. Incorrect : She passed her B.A. in 2014.
Correct : She passed B.A. in 2014.

25. Incorrect : Sonam as well as her sister have attended the party.
Correct : Sonam as well as her sister has attended the party.

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