Grammatical errors correct incorrect sentences and mistakes
51. Incorrect : Do not make noise.
Correct : Do not make a noise.

52. Incorrect : I am related with her.

Correct : I am related to her.

53. Incorrect : She is angry on her son.

Correct : She is angry with her son.

54. Incorrect : I called her as a fool.

Correct :  I called her a fool.

55. Incorrect : He was hung for murder.

Correct : He was hanged for murder.

56. Incorrect : Though she is poor, but she is honest.

Correct : Though she is poor, she is honest.

57. Incorrect : Two of my sisters live in Delhi.

Correct : Two of my sisters live in the Delhi.

58. Incorrect : She took my leave.

Correct : She took leave of me.

59. Incorrect : As she is tired, so she will not come.

Correct : As she is tired, she will not come.

60. Incorrect : Many a man come and go.

Correct : Many a man comes and goes.

61. Incorrect : Mohit is braver than wise.

Correct : Mohit is more brave than wise.

62. Incorrect : Many a man have done so.

Correct : Many a man has done so.

63. Incorrect : This is best of the two.

Correct : This is better of the two.

64. Incorrect : Not less than fifty women attended the party.

Correct : Not fewer than fifty women attended the party.

65. Incorrect : Mr. Sam is the best and rich man in the city.

Correct : Mr. Sam is the best and the richest man in the city.

66. Incorrect : Rakesh does not know to swim.

Correct : Rakesh does not know how to swim.

67. Incorrect : One should not boast of his wealth.

Correct : One should not boast of one's wealth.

68. Incorrect : The police is looking into the case.

Correct : The police are looking into the case.

69. Incorrect : All students must bring her books.

Correct : All students must bring their books.

70. Incorrect : We should have a great faith on God.

Correct : We should have great faith in God.

71. Incorrect : Rich are happy.

Correct : The rich are happy.

72. Incorrect : The honesty is the best policy.

Correct : Honesty is the best policy.

73. Incorrect : Ramcharit Manas was written by Tulsidas.

Correct : The Ramcharit Manas was written by Tulsidas.

74. Incorrect : Milk and bread are her only food.

Correct : Milk and bread is her only food.

75. Incorrect : She jumped in the river.

Correct : She jumped into the river.

76. Incorrect : She has applied to the post of a clerk.

Correct : She has applied for the post of a clerk.

77. Incorrect : She was either educated at Agra or Pune.

Correct : She was educated either in Agra or Pune.

78. Incorrect : The people of Canada is rich.

Correct : The people of Canada are rich.

79. Incorrect : Neither you nor he are to go.

Correct : Neither you nor he is to go.

80. Incorrect : She has written to me yesterday.

Correct : She wrote to me yesterday.

81. Incorrect : When I shall go home I shall meet your father.

Correct : When I go home, I shall meet your father.

82. Incorrect : Please put your sign here.

Correct : Please put your signature here.

83. Incorrect : Knock on the door.

Correct : Knock at the door.

84. Incorrect : In the way I met an old beggar.

Correct : On the way, I met an old beggar.

85. Incorrect : The orator and statesman are dead. 

Correct : The orator and statesman is dead.

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