Subtopic : Types of Adjectives (numbers, colours, feelings, size, shape, quality)

Aim : To make students understand the use of Adjectives and Adjectives are quality of noun.

Grade : 1-3

Beginning : 
Activity 1 : The class will be divided into team and each team member will be asked to come in front and rest team members will observe and  describe their friend.
Examples : black hair, tall boy etc.

Activity 2 : Teacher will show students the pictures of animals, birds, things and will asked to them to give describing word related to that picture.
Example : a white sheep, red chair etc.

Activity 3 : Ask few Questions. 
Examples :
Ques1: What is colour of your school bag?
Ques2: It is big or small?
Ques3: How many straps does it have?
Write the answers on the board.
Ans1: A black bag.
Ans2: Small.
Ans3: Two straps.

Method : The students will be told that the colours, numbers, size, quality are included in Adjective and then ask students to give some examples.

Ending : The class will be divided into four groups then each group will give example on each category.
Examples : yellow tiffin box, two pencil box, big classroom.

Review : Write some sentences on the board and students will circle the Noun and underline the Adjective.
Example : Rohit is a smart boy.
Rohit and boy are Nouns and smart is adjective.
After this students will be able to differentiate between Noun and Adjective and also will be able to integrate the concept.

Worksheet  : Adjective Worksheet

Lesson Plans :
Lesson Plan of Naming words/ Nouns
  -- Naming words/ Nouns Worksheets
Lesson Plan of Pronouns/ replacing the Noun
  -- Pronouns/ replacing the Noun Worksheets
Lesson Plan of Adjectives
  -- Adjective Worksheet

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