Similes (Useful comparisons) उपमाएँ
As black as midnight.
As easy as A.B.C.
As deep as a well.
As black as coal.
As fresh as a rose.
As busy as a bee.
As flat as a board.
As blind as a bat.
As clear as crystal.
As free as the air.
As cold as ice.
As good as gold.
As hard as stone.
As greedy as a dog or a wolf.
As cunning as a fox.
As green as grass.
As dark as midnight.
As gentle as a lamb.
As heavy as lead.
As hot as fire.
As hungry as a hawk.
As happy as a queen.
As  straight as an arrow.
As light as air.
As stupid as a donkey.
As strong as a lion.
As sure as death.
As pale as death.
As sweet as sugar.
As playful as a kitten.
As sweet as honey.
As poor as a church mouse.
As swift as the wind.
As proud as a peacock.
As tricky as a monkey.
As quick as lighting.
As true as steel.
As quiet as a lamb.
As timid as a hare.
As red as blood.
As tame (frightened) as a chicken.
As regular as clock-work.
As rich as a Jew.
As round as a ball.
As thin as water.
As sharp as a needle.
As ugly as a toad.
As silent as the dead.
As watchful as a hawk.
As smooth as butter.
As weak as a baby.
As sober as a judge.
As wise as Solomon (In the bible Solomon (son of David and Bathsheba) succeeded his father as king of Israel and wrote Proverbs).
As soft as wax.
As white as snow.
As yellow as saffron.

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