Composition/ Comprehension :
A caterpillar is a small creative. It is green in colour. It has a long body and six legs. It grows very fast. It cats green leaves. Caterpillar goes off to sleep for a few days and then changes into a colourful butterfly.

Question 1. Tick the correct Answer:
a) Colour of a caterpillar is
i) Red 
ii) Green
iii) Yellow

b) A caterpillar has ....... legs.
i) Two
ii) Four
iii) Six

c) A caterpillar eats. 
i) Wood
ii) Leaves
iii) Insects

d) Butterflies are
i) Dull
ii) White
iii) Colourful

Question 2. Make sentences by using Adjectives.
a) Caterpillar 
b) Sleep

Question 3. Write any two Adjectives from above given passage.

Question 4. Write the opposite of:
a) Slow
b) Big

  1. Kinds of Adjectives
  2. Rules of Adjective
Lesson Plans:

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