Topic: Past Continuous Tense

Aim: Students will be able to recognize past continuous verbs and able to use them in the sentences.

Tools: textbook, chalk, green board, smart class, blackboard

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Warm-Up
Ask some questions to check students' previous knowledge about the topic. 

Activity 2:
Explain students by giving ample examples of past continuous tense by whatever you were doing during the lecture in the class.
(a) I was teaching. 
(b) All students were listening to the lecture.
(c) I was holding chalk. 
(d) I was reading a book.

Activity 3: Give students some words and ask them to describe that particular word using past continuous tense.
Example: office work - My father was working in his office.

  • Divide the class into four groups. Ask each group to imagine that they are on some school trip. 
  • Ask them to write the imagined situation sentences in the past continuous tense.  
  • The group with the maximum number of examples will win.
Review: Write some incomplete sentences on the board and ask the students to complete those sentences using the past continuous tense.

Worksheet: Past Continuous Tense worksheet

  1. Past Continuous Tense in Hindi
  2. Past Continuous Tense in English

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