Please read Assertive Sentences Part 3 - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. Radha said to her sister, "Our parents will go to Switzerland."
  2. The manager said to Rahul, "You have to complete your work by tomorrow."
  3. The girl said, "I have arrived here just now."
  4. She said, "I brought this table from Hyderabad."
  5. She said, "I lived here for a week."
  6. The teacher said to students, "I could not deliver any lecture yesterday."
  7. She said to me, "It rained yesterday."
  8. Vishnu said to Lakshmi, "My mother will come here tomorrow at this time."
  9. Sushma said to me, "I cannot accompany you till next month."
  10. Suresh said, "This piano is mine."

Exercise - 2
  1. She said, "You must keep this in your pocket."
  2. He said, "I lost my wallet in the station." 
  3. The girl said, "I am doing this work honestly."
  4. The culprit said, "I feel sorry for what I have done."
  5. Priya said, "Ravi, I shall never betray you."
  6. The old man said to Raman, "Thank you for your help."
  7. "My dear sister," said he, "I shall tell you a story now."
  8. The principal said to the students, "You see, I cannot give you any other chance."
  9. She said to her mother, "You need not worry about it."
  10. Pranav said, "I hope my father will give me a prize."
Direct and Indirect Narration

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