Please read Imperative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The master said to his servant, "Bring me a newspaper."
  2. "Sit down and learn your lesson, boys", said the teacher.
  3. She said to me, "Please wait here till I return."
  4. The mother said to her daughter, "Get up early and go out for a walk."
  5. The teacher said to the boys, "Do not make a noise in the class."
  6. The principal said to the boys, "Do not play at this time and go to your classes."
  7. The father said to his son, "Do not drive fast, as the road is very busy."
  8. The teacher said to the boys, "Bring your book and stand near me."
  9. The saint said, "If If you want to be happy, abstain from bad habits."
  10. The old man said, "Would you pay me in cash, please?"
  11. Socrates said, "Be quiet and have patience."
  12. The policeman said, "Stand up and follow me."

Exercise - 2
  1. Radha said to me, "Let us sing together."
  2. Ram said to me, "Let me finish my work."
  3. Sita said to me, "Let us go out for a walk."
  4. She said to me, "Let us start tomorrow."
  5. The girl said, "Let me finish my homework before I go to the market."
  6. The girl said to her mother, "Let me try once more."
  7. She said to us, "Let us have some music."
  8. "Let me pick some flowers," the child said to the gardener.
  9. The head clerk said to his companions, "Let me see the documents if they are here."
  10. The educationist said, "Let us prepare our children to face the future challenges."
  11. Rahul said, "Let us wait for our friends."
  12. I said to my friend, "Let us go to some holy place."
Direct and Indirect Narration

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