Please read Assertive Sentences Part 1 - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Change the following sentences into Indirect speech.

Exercise - 1
  1. Ram says to his brother, "The sun is setting in the west."
  2. Mohit will be saying, "The servant has finished the work."
  3. Sita said to me, "I shall write a letter to your father."
  4. Hari said, "The horses are running very fast in the field."
  5. The father said, "My daughter has passed the examination."
  6. The mother said, "The girls were playing with their dolls."
  7. The teacher said, "Premchand wrote many novels and stories."
  8. The sister said to his brother, "You must take some exercises daily."
  9. She said, "God helps those who help themselves."
  10. Vivek said, "My brother will have been learning his lesson for two hours."
  11. My parents said, "Good boys ought to obey their elders."
  12. The teacher said to Mukesh, "You may go after this period."

Exercise - 2
  1. Sandeep will say, "Sunil will play hockey with us."
  2. My sister has said to me, "The teacher will not teach us in the class today."
  3. Lata said, "Asha sings a very sweet song."
  4. He said to them, "You all are very good players."
  5. The mother said to her brother, "The baby will be sleeping in the room."
  6. They said, "The old man died in the village last night."
  7. Seema said, "My mother has been suffering from fever for two days."
  8. I said to my friend, "I shall go to my house after this party."
  9. Mahesh said, "The boys have been making a noise in the class for two hours."
  10. She said, "I used to go for a walk every morning."
  11. The saint said, "Honesty is the best policy."
  12. My friend said to me, "I cannot help you at this time."
Direct and Indirect Narration

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