Please read Optative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. I said to Ravi, "May you always be happy !"
  2. The beggar sad to me, "May you prosper in life !"
  3. She said, "May God bless Neha with a child !"
  4. My brother said to me, "May you succeed in the competition !"
  5. Rama said, "May you have a happy journey !"
  6. They said, "Long live our President !"
  7. She said to me, "May God help you !"
  8. My friend said, "May your enemy go to hell !"
  9. My sister said to me, "Good morning, I am happy to see you !"
  10. Rohit said, "Good night, Sohan! we'll meet again tomorrow."

Exercise - 2
  1. Suman said to me, "May God bless you with children !"
  2. He said to her, "Goodbye, my sister !"
  3. The teacher said, "May you get the first position !"
  4. The priest said, "God pardon you !"
  5. She said to me, "Ma you die !"
  6. He said to his sister, "Congratulations on your success !"
  7. She said to me, "Happy birthday !"
  8. He said, "Goodbye, my countrymen !"
  9. The hermit said to me, "May you live long !"
  10. The daughter said, "Good morning, mother !"

Direct and Indirect Narration

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