Please read Assertive Sentences Part 2 - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. She said to me, "I have completed my work."
  2. The teacher said to me, "You always tell a lie."
  3. The boys said to me, "We shall play a match in the morning."
  4. He said to me, "I am an honest man."
  5. The jailor said, "The prisoner died in the night."
  6. He said to them, "You are very cruel."
  7. Sita said to Ram, "You have passed in your mission."
  8. Neha said to her friend, "I do not believe you."
  9. The manager said to us, "You must finish your work on time."
  10. The policeman said, "You should be honest."

Exercise - 2
  1. Sita said to him, "You are very busy."
  2. Mohan said to them, "You are good players."
  3. The doctor said to you, "You are out of danger."
  4. Rohit said to Shyam, "I shall never abuse you in the future."
  5. The teacher said to the boys, "I am ill so I cannot teach you."
  6. He said to me, "You are very weak in English."
  7. Hari said to Ram, "I shall never give you my book."
  8. She said, "You should not be lazy."
  9. Ritu said to me, "She knows nothing about it."
  10. She said to Neha, "I shall always help you."
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Direct and Indirect Narration

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