Please read Interrogative Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The wife said to her husband, "Why are you so downcast today?"
  2. I said to him, "Where did you find this old postage stamp?"
  3. Arun said, "Anil, why have you been away from the city so long?"
  4. Rekha said, "Ram, do you know Gaurav's address?"
  5. The nurse asked the patient, "Don't you feel better this morning?"
  6. She said to herself, "How shall I prepare for my exam if there is a power failure?"
  7. The eye surgeon said, "Can you read the last line there?"
  8. The teacher said, "Girls, have you note down the questions?"
  9. Aman asked Santosh, "Do you really want to leave your country and settle abroad?"
  10. Ram said to his friends, "Why did you not send a message?"

Exercise - 2
  1. The father said to his son, "Would you like to go on a trip to Kashmir?"
  2. The lady said to the boy, "Do you live in this house?"
  3. She said to Krishna, "Are you going to see the fair with my sister today?"
  4. The teacher said to the girl, "Have you completed your homework?"
  5. My father said to me, "Where do you like to go in winter vacation?"
  6. She said to him, "May I use your laptop?"
  7. The teacher said to Hari, "Why did you not come to school yesterday?"
  8. The father said to the servant, "Did my friend come here?"
  9. The teacher asked the boys, "When did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?"
  10. Akash said to his brother, "Will you give me some money tomorrow?"
Direct and Indirect Narration

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  1. Please start giving the answers to because without that it becomes difficult to check if i was correct or not.

  2. wife asked her husband why are you so castout today

    1. The wife asked the husband why he was so downcast that day.

    2. Please tell all the and of exercise 2