Please read Exclamatory Sentences - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercises.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
  1. The madam said, "Alas! My friend is dead."
  2. The boys said, "Hurrah! We shall have a jolly holiday tomorrow."
  3. Heena said, "Alas! My house on fire."
  4. She said, "Hurrah! I have passed the examination."
  5. The mayor said to the officers, "Bravo! Well done."
  6. The old man said, "Good heavens! The hut has caught fire."
  7. The coach said to the boys, "Oh! We have won the match."
  8. The girl said, "What a fine picnic it has been !"
  9. She said, "Curse it! Who could have expected such a turn of events?"
  10. The principal said to me, "Congratulation! You have stood first in the class."

Exercise - 2
  1. The master said, "What a lazy fellow you are !"
  2. She said, "How sweetly he sings !"
  3. The girl said, "How beautiful the weather is !"
  4. Friends said, "What a fine morning it is !"
  5. "Curse it !" exclaimed the driver, "Who could have foreseen such ill luck ?"
  6. "How pretty you are !" said the fox to the crow.
  7. The teacher said to the girls, "What a shame! You have not learnt good manners."
  8. The mother said, "How cold the night is !"
  9. The players said, "Bravo! We have won the match."
  10. I said to my friend, "Alas! I am ruined."

Direct and Indirect Narration

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