Fill in the blanks with one of the words given in brackets against each sentence:
  1. Let _____ go to the movie today. (we, us)
  2. I know the woman ______ child was hurt. (who, whose, whom)
  3. Take anything ______ you like. (which, that)
  4. This room is for you and  ________ . (me, myself)
  5. _______ are you asking about ? (who, whom, which)
  6. Neither she nor they have brought _______ books. (her, their)
  7. _______ can I do for you ? (what, which, that)
  8. He behaved in such a manner ______ I had never hoped. (that, as, which)
  9. Behind _____ and ____ were many seats. (he, him, I, me)
  10. ______ have you got in your pocket ? (what, which)

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