Government investment in the arts, such as music and theatre, is a waste of money. The government must invest this money in public services instead.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Government’s plan of developing theatres to promote art and music is questioned by many who consider these funds should be allocated for the social services. This however could be a valuable point raised by people but investment in only the social services cannot justify the role of government. There are several other things to be considered important for a nation to maintain its dignity and culture, and art or music is one of them.

Art and music in most of the countries symbolizes their culture for an instance the classical music in India refers to its vivid existence. The government has two basic functions in terms of development, that are firstly to make modern infrastructure and secondly restoration of existing monuments. Some of this existing building built for art reveals the tradition of its nations over a period of time. Building new theatres for the purpose of art and culture is the need to restore its cultural and historical heritage. Promoting art and musical remarkably reflects the distinct identity of any country. There is nothing more interesting to learn about the past, in general, other than music and art.

Furthermore, artistically it is quiet easy for the mass to develop personally. Not only the history but music and art are the reflection of the present and perhaps that’s the reason behind so diversified music coming from various cultures and nations. The France for instance is renowned for symphonies however harmonies could be considered prominently core of music in England.

To put this in one thought, I strongly believe that the government’s effort to enhance art and music either by constructing new theatres or not is more crucial than focusing on investment in social service at the stake of art and culture.

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