Definition : A Conjunction is a word which is used to join words or sentences together.
परिभाषा : Conjunction उस शब्द को कहते है, जो दो words या sentences को जोड़ता है | 

Unlined words are Conjunctions.
Underline किये हुए शब्द Conjunctions हैं | 

There are three kinds of Conjunction :
Conjunction तीन प्रकार के होते है :

1. Coordinating Conjunctions : 
A Conjunction that joins sentences of equal rank or order together is called Coordinating Conjunction.
जो Conjunction, दो स्वतंत्र उपवाक्यों, जो अपने दो अलग-अलग अर्थ रखते हो, को जोड़ता है, Coordinating Conjunction कहलाता है | 

Examples : and, but, or, yet, still, however, so, therefore etc.
(a) The sun set and the night fell.
(b) Work hard or you will fail.
(c) She is poor still people love her.
(d) You are late therefore you cannot catch the train.

2. Subordinating Conjunctions : 
A Conjunction that joins sentences of unequal rank or order together is called Subordinating Conjunction.
जो Conjunction एक दूसरे पर आश्रित रहने वाले उपवाक्यों को जोड़ता है, Subordinating Conjunction कहलाता है | 

Examples : because, so, where, though, if, when, after, before, till, until, wherever, as, since, although, even if, however, unless, that etc.
(a) I like her because she is honest.
(b) I know where you were born.
(c) He is happy though he is very poor.
(d) We know that God is Almighty.

3. Correlative Conjunctions :
Conjunctions which are used in pairs are called Correlative Conjunctions.
जो Conjunctions जोड़ों में प्रयोग किये जाते है, Correlative Conjunctions कहलाते है | 

Examples : either....or, neither....nor, both...and, though....yet, not only.....but also, so....that, hardly.....when, no sooner...than etc.
(a) Either Ramesh or Suresh has taken your laptop.
(b) Both Reena and her sister went to Delhi.
(c) Though she is poor yet she is honest.
(d) No sooner did she see the lion than she ran away.

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