1. Noun को Verb में बदलना (Interchange of Noun to Verb) :
a) Noun : His intention was to insult me.
Verb : He intended to insult me.
b) Noun : She gave me advice.
Verb : She advised me.

2. Verb को Noun में बदलना (Interchange of Verb to Noun) :
a) Verb : She rejected all we proposed.
Noun : She rejected all our proposals.
b) Verb : He promised that he would come.
Noun : He made a promise that he would come.

3. Noun को Adjective में बदलना (Interchange of Noun to Adjective) :
a) Noun : His narration is full of beauty.
Adjective : His narration is beautiful.
b) Noun : She passed his life in peace.
Adjective : She passed a peaceful life.

4. Adjective को Noun में बदलना (Interchange of Adjective to Noun) :
a) Adjective : Yoga makes our body strong.
Noun : Yoga gives strength to our body.
b) Adjective : Her efforts were successful.
Noun : She got success in her efforts.

5. Noun को Adverb में बदलना (Interchange of Noun to Adverb) :
a) Noun : She goes to Bengaluru every year.
Adverb : She goes to Bengaluru yearly.
b) Noun : Her intention was to insult me.
Adverb : She intentionally insulted me.

6. Adverb को Noun में बदलना (Interchange of Adverb to Noun) :
a) Adverb : She spoke to me angrily.
Noun : She spoke to me in anger.
b) Adverb : Go to home carefully.
Noun : Go to home with care.

7. Adjective को Adverb में बदलना (Interchange of Adjective to Adverb) :
Adjective : She is attentive in cooking the food.
Adverb : She is cooking the food attentively.

8. Adverb को Adjective में बदलना (Interchange of Adverb to Adjective) :
Adverb : Luckily she helped me.
Adjective : It was lucky that she helped me.

9. Adjective को Verb में बदलना (Interchange of Adjective to Verb) :
Adjective : This was a pleasant news to me.
Verb : This news pleased me.

10. Verb को Adjective में बदलना (Interchange of Verb to Adjective) :
Verb : The hunter succeeded in killing the tiger.
Adjective : The hunter was successful in killing the tiger.

11. Verb को Adverb में बदलना (Interchange of Verb to Adverb) :
Verb : I forced him to go out.
Adverb : I turned him out forcibly.

12. Adverb को Verb में बदलना (Interchange of Adverb to Verb) :
Adverb : We shall go to college hurriedly.
Verb : We shall hurry to school.

Transformation of Sentences in Hindi and English

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