Following are the rules of interchanging Assertive into Interrogative Sentences.
Assertive Sentences से Interrogative Sentences बनाने के नियम निम्नवत हैं ।

Rule 1. Use helping verbs (is, are, am, was, were, will, shall, can etc.) to start a sentence. (see Example a)
नियम 1. सहायक क्रियाओं  (is, are, am, was, were, will, shall, can आदि) से वाक्य का आरम्भ करते हैं । (देखिये उदाहरण a)

Rule 2. Use a Question mark (?) at the end of a sentence.
नियम 2. वाक्य के अन्त में प्रश्‍नसूचक चिन्ह (?) लगाते हैं ।

Rule 3. Assertive Sentence, which is Affirmative becomes Negative while interchanging it into an Interrogative sentence. The assertive sentence, which is Negative becomes Affirmative while interchanging it into an Interrogative sentence. To replace 'never' and 'no', use 'ever' and 'any' respectively. (see Examples a, b, c, d)
नियम 3. जो Assertive sentence, Affirmative (स्वीकारात्मक) होता है उसको Interrogative sentence में बदलने पर वो Negative sentence बन जाता है अर्थात उसमें not लगा देते है परन्तु वाक्य का अर्थ नहीं बदलता है और यदि Assertive sentence, Negative (नकारात्मक) है तो Interrogative sentence में बदलने पर Affirmative sentence हो जाता है अर्थात उसमें not हटा देते हैऔर never को ever से तथा no को any से बदलते है । (देखिये  उदाहरण a, b, c, d)

Rule 4. Sometimes, start a sentence with How, What, When, Why etc. to interchange Assertive into Interrogative sentence. (see Example e)
नियम 4. कभी-कभी Assertive को Interrogative sentence में बदलने के लिए वाक्य का आरम्भ How, What, When, Why आदि से करते है । (देखिये उदाहरण e)

Rule 5. Subject 'everybody' is replaced with 'who'. (see Example f)
नियम 5. Subject के स्थान पर everybody को who से बदलते हैं । (देखिये उदाहरण f)

Examples :
(a) Assertive : Love is blind.
Interrogative : Is love not blind ?

(b) Assertive : Long life does not make a man great.
Interrogative : Does long life make a man great ?

(c) Assertive : I can never win the first prize.
Interrogative : Can I ever win the first prize ?

(d) Assertive : No one knows you.
Interrogative : Does any one know you ?

(e) Assertive : It does not matter if you do not help me.
Interrogative : What if you do not help me ?

(f) Assertive : Everybody likes to be prosperous.
Interrogative : Who does not like to be prosperous ? ( यदि यह प्रश्‍न अपने आप से पुछोगे, तो उत्तर(answer) में Assertive sentence मिलेगा । )

Transformation of Sentences in Hindi and English

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