Please read Mixed Sentences and Dialogues - Direct and Indirect Narration before solving below exercise.

Please change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

Exercise - 1
1. The teacher said to him, "Why are you again late today? I have taught the lesson. Sit silently."

2. "What is this strange outcry?" said Socrates, "I sent the women away mainly in order that they might not offend in this way for I have heard that a man should die in peace. Be quiet then and have patience."

3. "Curse it," exclaimed the driver, "Who could have foreseen such ill luck? But for the accident, we should have caught the train easily."

4. The traveller said, "Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?" "Yes", replied the peasant, "Do you want in which you can spend the night?" "No", replied the traveller, "I want only a meal."

5. "Mother", replied Aladin, "Keep your cotton for another time and give me the lamp I brought home with me yesterday. I will go and sell it, and will buy both breakfast and dinner, and perhaps, supper too."

6. "What are you doing here?" said the tiger to the hare. "I am looking at my grandfather's going" replied the hare. "Where is it?" asked the tiger. The hare said, "It's there in the tree. Have a good look at it but don't beat it."

7. Mr. Mehta - When did you come from Delhi, Vivek? 
Vivek - I came last night, sir.
Mr. Mehta - I am glad you did not stay there long. Has your sister come back?
Vivek - No sir, she has not. she is not well, but I think she will come in about a week.

8. Mohit - Can I go out and play, father?
Father - Have you finished your homework?
Mohit - No, father, but I can finish it afterwards.
Father - No my boy, you must do your work first and you can play afterwards.

9. Geeta - Where are you going, Laxman? It is about 10. The classes will begin soon.
Laxman - Please do not disturb me. I have an urgent piece of work at home and I must go.

10. Principal - What are you doing?
Peon - I am ringing the bell.
Principal - Have you cleaned my desk?
Peon - Yes, sir.

Direct and Indirect Narration

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