Ways of expressing a Concession or Contrast (Concession या Contrast प्रकट करने के तरीके)
Rule 1. By using Conjunction 'though' or 'although' : 
नियम 1. Conjunction 'though' या 'although' का प्रयोग करके :
Examples :
(a) Though she is poor, she is honest.
(b) Although she is tired, yet she will work.

Rule 2. By using Conjunction 'even if' :
नियम 2. Conjunction 'even if' का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) Even if he is poor, he is a man of character.

Rule 3. By using Conjunction 'if' :
नियम 3. Conjunction 'if' का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) If you eat too much, you will fall ill.

Rule 4. By using Adverb 'indeed' before 'but' :
नियम 4. Adverb 'indeed' का प्रयोग 'but' से पहले करके :
Example :
(a) He was sincere indeed, but he was foolish.

Rule 5. By using phrase 'nevertheless' or 'nonetheless' :
नियम 5. Phrase 'nevertheless' या 'nonetheless' का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) Kavita did not blame herself for the loss, nevertheless or nonetheless she was disappointed.

Rule 6. By using Conjunction 'as' :
नियम 6. Conjunction 'as' का प्रयोग करके :
Examples :
(a) Strong as he is, he is timid.
(b) Poor as he is, he is honest.

Rule 7. By using Preposition 'notwithstanding' before Noun clause :
नियम 7. Preposition 'notwithstanding' का प्रयोग करके जबकि उसके बाद Noun clause आये :
Example :
(a) He is timid, notwithstanding that he is strong.

Rule 8. By using Admitting :
नियम 8. Admitting का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) Admitting that he is strong, he is timid.

Rule 9. By using Relative Pronoun 'whatever' :
नियम 9. Relative Pronoun 'whatever' का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) Whatever she may do, she cannot stand first.

Rule 10. By using Relative Adverb 'however' before Adjective or Adverb :
नियम 10. Relative Adverb 'however' का प्रयोग करके जबकि उसके बाद Adjective या Adverb आये :
Example :
(a) However poor she is, she is honest.

Rule 11. By using phrase 'all the same' :
नियम 11. Phrase 'all the same' का प्रयोग करके :
Examples :
(a) He is strong, all the same he is timid.
(b) She is poor, all the same she is honest.

Rule 12. By using 'at the same time' :
नियम 12. Phrase 'at the same time' का प्रयोग करके :
Examples :
(a) She is beautiful at the same time she is not proud.
(b) He is poor at the same time he is honest.

Rule 13. By using phrase 'for all that' :
नियम 13. Phrase 'for all that' का प्रयोग करके :
Example :
(a) She will not trust you for all that you may say in your defense.

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